The Chromebook X360 11 Education Edition, the Latest Option for Schools From HP

There’s a lot of laptops in schools these days. From elementary to college campuses, the web’s incredible tools for students to do sufficient research, document processing, as well as web/display-enabled presentations has only helped the school sector. The relationship betweens … Continue reading


Lenovo ThinkCentre M910Z All-In-One, It’s Well-Made and Great for Business

At just $809 to start, this new all-in-one (AIO) PC scored great benchmark rankings as a perfect workplace machine, custom built with business-friendly features and a variety of configurations for any consumer’s needs. Not only that, but the ThinkCentre M910Z … Continue reading


Acer’s Latest Nvidia Max-Q Laptop, the Predator Triton 700, Pushes Performance Boundaries

After its announcement back in April, Acer has been proud of its latest on-the-go gaming laptop, built with a sleek, frosty looking chassis, and measuring just 18.9mm thick (which is a highly competitive size in gaming rigs today). Similar in … Continue reading


Acer Has a Newest Chrome OS Laptop, the Chromebook 15 CB515, Is About to Ship

Acer has revealed a new Chromebook 15, and with most Chromebook LCD screen displays measuring around 11-13 inches, a 15-inch model is rather rare. It was at the IFA event in Berlin, that Acer first announced its new product. Although … Continue reading


The Rise of Linux, Manjaro’s New Laptop, Spitfire, Customized by Station X

What is the Manjaro brand? The name doesn’t appear in the world of tech like most other brands like Dell, Lenovo, or even Xiaomi these days. Dubbed as either Manjaro Linux, or simply Manjaro, the name refers to an open … Continue reading


HP Has a New EliteBook x360 1020 G2 Convertible to Show off

HP’s EliteBook model now has some new options, and it’s not only the nicer, quad-core CPU inside. Speaking of that, there’s a lot of attention towards Intel lately, as the newest Intel chips are getting into some good notebooks. The … Continue reading


Get Your Hands on the New Lenovo Yoga 920, and You Get More Than Upgraded Hardware

We expect Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana, to be the “Siri” of the Windows world. In so, she is just as helpful as her predecessor. If other systems don’t have a virtual assistant, shouldn’t they? Lenovo, known so well for its … Continue reading


Xiaomi Does Itself Some Good, Copycatting the MacBook Pro to the Max

Xiaomi and laptops is a new thing, and if you don’t know just how new, get this. It’s been just over one year since the China-based manufacturer released its first laptops. Smartphones, however, have been the company’s focus for quite … Continue reading


The Razer Blade Pro Gaming Machine Gets Even Better?

When I discussed this machine back in November of 2016, it was pretty much known that it was “the” upgraded laptop of its caliber, so much so, it’s been considered a desktop in the form of a laptop ever since … Continue reading


Lenovo Yoga 720, in a Smaller 12-Inch Size, Mid-Range, and Full of Windows Hello Perks

Lenovo’s mid-range 700-series Yoga laptops have been becoming something big enough in the journey of tech devices, that their smaller size is pretty much the best news ever. Yogas are known for their portability, their diversity, and now, after releasing … Continue reading


A Fully Overclockable Monster? That’s What’s Being Said About HP’s New Omen X Laptop

I remember writing about the Omen X PCs. In all of its cubed/tri-chambered design, glowing with glory, it was a helpful push for HP’s Omen brand PC gaming sector. The tech giant, HP, only began its Omen brand early 2016, … Continue reading


Inspiron 15 (5566), Could It One of the Most Attractive and Budget Friendly Options out There?

The veteran manufacturer that is Dell pretty much has it down when it comes to the category of $500 laptops. Inventing a well-rounded machine, in budget form, is kind of an art form. Opening the door to compromise is key, … Continue reading


The Acer Nitro 5 Spin Is a Budget Gaming Laptop, Gives Gamers Rad Battery Life

If on the “Best Gaming Notebook List of 2017”, I’m going to take it seriously. Especially with all the “best” laptops being a consistent source of news these days. Having said that, this could make you all the more “standoffish” … Continue reading


The New Librem 13 Laptop From Purism Is Really Wanting to Be a Free for All (of Sorts)

What do you know about Linux? The Ubuntu-based operating system that either works for folks and they absolutely advocate for it, or nothing works just right and consumers steer away. Well what about giving a pure version of Linux a … Continue reading


Acer Predator Helios 300 Offers Great and Powerful Gaming, a Steal Price

During its Next@Acer global press conference New York event earlier this year, Acer presented what it referred to as the Predator Helios 300. This gaming laptop, now available after its official launch in India, has a great price for such … Continue reading