The New Surface Pro, Beautifully Crafted, Fastest, and Longest Lasting Model yet

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5- it’s been a long and highly anticipated launch, but now it’s not just speculation after speculation anymore. The specs and sales date of Microsoft’s newest Surface Model have finally arrived. Is it just me, or … Continue reading


HP Makes Some Appealing Updates to Their Envy Laptop Line

There was a time in recent years when Apple was the company to beat. Be it smartphones, laptops, tablets or accessories, Apple was always just a little ahead of everyone else. But lately, it seems like they’ve been slacking. In … Continue reading


A Collaboration Canvas, Reinvented for the Cloud, Jamboard Is the Latest From Google

Who can argue with the fact that Google is one company that never stays still; it’s one that’s always changing, always morphing, and becoming larger. So, in comes something incredibly new- the Google Jamboard. No, it’s not the latest in … Continue reading


The Latest Phone-To-PC Device, Mirabook, Is a Success on Indiegogo

As of late, there have been countless efforts made in rendering smartphones enough to enhance their functionality. Not only do we see better and longer lasting batteries with the help of additional attachments, but multiple stabs at smartphone-to-computer alterations. Because … Continue reading


Linksys Has Done Something Brand New by Jumping Into the Cable Modem Market

As you know, we use routers to experience the broadband service needed to power our devices, and with the way we rely on them, that internet has to be well established, and fast. We also require a cable modem, which … Continue reading


The Xiaomi Air 12 Laptop Is a Contender to the Apple MacBook, but Somehow Super Cheap

We have definitely all heard of Xiaomi by now, yes? I remember first writing about the Chinese tech company about 3 years ago, and felt an instinct that their products and accessories were going to do well in the States. … Continue reading


HP Laptops Shipped With Keyloggers Inside Them, but Things Are Becoming Resolved

Wondering just how bad Big Brother has gotten since we began “noticing” it? As a society, plenty of us have known about technical accessories checking in on us, yet some of us still don’t seem to care very much. Gamers … Continue reading


LG Came Out With Its New Gram 13, It’s Ultraportable and Powered to Impress

The notion of desiring a lightweight laptop, that also meets the requirements of a long-lasting battery and full-blown power is not a selfish need. Laptops are always going with the flow, meaning along the flow of what consumers are enjoying. … Continue reading


Stay in Charge and Off the Grid With Life-Power A3 a Game-Changer in Power Technology

While we are working, exercising, and on-the-go making lunch dates with our friends, aren’t we all just relying on our companion device to keep us going? Whether it’s our smartphone, tablet, or even laptop PC or hybrid PC keyboard, not … Continue reading


HP’s New Elite X2 Is the Closest You’re Going to Get to That Surface pro 5 That Isn’t Happening

I know, I know. We’ve all been waiting for the follow-up to Microsoft’s wildly popular Surface Pro 4 since just after its release back in 2015. And to be fair, for anyone besides Apple, 18 months is a long time … Continue reading


Think Zinc: Researchers Built Zinc Batteries to Replace Flaming Lithium Tendencies

Why do we love lithium-ion batteries so much, besides the fact they have high energy storage? We use them in laptops, cars, power tools, smartphones, and the like. They also are efficiently compact in that way, and have the ability … Continue reading


AMD Is Serious About Its Updated RX GPU Series

What is the level of nerd you have to be to require a standalone graphics card on your personal computer? Probably, the type of nerds who love PC gaming so much they want to make the very very most out … Continue reading


Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Is Primed to Take on Apple’s Macbook

After years of revolutionizing the hybrid world, Microsoft is taking a step back and setting their sights on a far more basic task – the inundated world of plain-old shell laptops. There are no tricks, it relies on no gimmicks. … Continue reading


An Altoids Tin Gaming Console Gone Wireless With the Raspberry Pi Zero W

What is with the Raspberry Pi lately? It’s been all over the place, mainly because of extra recognition here and there, considering all the makers and enthusiasts who have been building their own gaming consoles and computers out of the … Continue reading


How About This Adorable Raspberry Pi-Powered Mac Made From LEGOS?

Hey there guys! This is some cool news. A man, not the first man to do so, but a man named Jannis Hermanns, built a Wi-Fi enabled LEGO Macintosh Classic running Docker OS, on a Raspberry Pi Zero circuit board. … Continue reading