Should I Repair My Broken Laptop or Replace It?

It’s inevitable. At some point in the life cycle of your trusted traveling workstation, you will be forced to ask yourself the difficult question – should I replace my laptop? While the excitement of a new notebook can be a … Continue reading


Peel Back a Cooler Tablet Experience With FlexSense

During the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) User Interface Software and Technology Symposium, Microsoft Research announced its new FlexSense project, a technology said to incorporate “tactile, malleable electronics”. The concept involves using a flat, bendable plastic cover that can expose … Continue reading


We’re Being “Shellshocked” by a Bash Bug

Remember the Heartbleed bug back in April 2014? As a refresher, it was a security threat in the OpenSSL cryptography software. Now, another bug has risen up from the ashes just in time to freak us all out again. “Shellshock” is a newly discovered bug in Linux and Unix operating systems, and it's kind of scary in how easy it is to attack.


The Heartbleed Bug: Where It Stands Now, What You Need To Know

Bad Internet news, nicknamed the “Heartbleed” bug, has been the talk of the web town this week. Turns out, it is as bad as it sounds, as OpenSSL (the Internet’s most commonly used cryptographic library) has become utterly vulnerable; spilling … Continue reading


Safer Internet Day ‘14 Expresses The Need To Better Protect Children

Today is the annual Safer Internet Day (SID), where over 100 countries, full of organizers and educators, are holding activities to promote safe and responsible use of online technology for the young. Microsoft recently pulled together results of its 3rd … Continue reading


Navigating to Find Your Laptop Specs and Part Numbers Using Your Service Tag

This shows how to find part numbers on Dells support website by entering your Service Tag.


Understanding the Different LCD Screen Backlight Types in Dell Laptops

The term LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) can refer to both CCFL and LED type screens. The LCD, simply put, is the top part of the display. The CCFL or LED is what lights up (or backlights) the LCD to make the display visible.


Finding LCD Screen Part Numbers and Specifications

This section will show you how to physically locate you screen part number and locate you screen part number using the Dell laptop Service Tag.


Does my laptop LCD screen need to be replaced?

As the most frequently used and fragile component on a laptop, there are many ways a screen can fail. The common reasons to replace a screen are, of course, physical damage or cracks. Other reasons for replacement could be vertical and horizontal lines, dead pixels, a dim screen, or a flickering screen. This will help diagnose the problems and possible solutions for your laptop.