ASUS Has a Nice New Line of Vivo All-In-One Desktop PCs, Feat NanoEdge & Choice of Graphics

Just this month, ASUS announced a slew of new all-in-one (AIO) desktop PCs, all featuring various forms of Intel’s dual and quad-core CPU processors, and some stunning anti-glare displays. Further, these new systems are aimed to peek the interest of … Continue reading


Lenovo ThinkCentre M910Z All-In-One, It’s Well-Made and Great for Business

At just $809 to start, this new all-in-one (AIO) PC scored great benchmark rankings as a perfect workplace machine, custom built with business-friendly features and a variety of configurations for any consumer’s needs. Not only that, but the ThinkCentre M910Z … Continue reading


HP Launches Some Refreshing AIOs For Business (Not So Much Creative) Users, Stunning Display

HP has refreshed its Pavilion AIO (All-in-One) PCs, with new and bigger panels, and fancier LCD screen options. Also on point are their new micro-edge displays, which for desktop PCs, make them ultimately bezel-less and fancier-looking than ever. Although these … Continue reading


Dell Proves PCs Are Still Hot With the New Inspiron 24 AIO Feat Infinity Display

The term all-in-ones, or AIOs, is relatively new. These are desktop computers that promise a sleeker, more intuitive experience. The hard drive and computer components are typically located on the back of the desktop monitor. The concept has almost given … Continue reading


The Alienware Brand Is Finally Making Its Own Gaming Peripheral Products

Alienware has announced its very own line of PC gaming peripherals, and it’s going to be a huge step forward for the age-old brand. You see, Alienware has been a computer hardware subsidiary of Dell since 2006, always showcasing itself … Continue reading


Dell Selling First Inspiron Desktop Gaming Rig for $600?

One of Dell’s most notable line of laptops, it’s Inspiron series, has done something different lately by sizing up to desktop monitor status. At the same time, the tech giant is trying to offer gaming devices without such large price … Continue reading


An Upgradeable, Customizable All-In-One: The Dell Inspiron 27 7000

The past year has been a pretty big one for all-in-one computing systems, and Dell just announced their own big upgrade to the AIO world. While many people may think an all-AMD AIO is a strange direction to go in, … Continue reading


AMD Is Serious About Its Updated RX GPU Series

What is the level of nerd you have to be to require a standalone graphics card on your personal computer? Probably, the type of nerds who love PC gaming so much they want to make the very very most out … Continue reading


Corsair Just Launched Its First Prebuilt Gaming PC and It Is Entirely Liquid-Cooled

“Fast. Quiet. Compact.” So reads the new marketing campaign for the Corsair One, the first complete gaming computer released by the company best-known for its PC parts and components. Initially announced back in February of 2017, this week saw the … Continue reading


A Brand New Option for Mini PC Tinkering is here, and Asus Created it!

If you’re a tinkerer and fan of all things DIY, boy is there something new for you to play with. Of all the companies you could consider becoming hobbyist and micro-computer board friendly, the medal goes to Asus, who has … Continue reading


Announced at CES: Great Lineup of Asus Devices Include Intel’s Latest Kaby Lake CPUs

As CES approaches us, so the quest for the most innovative and interesting technologies to ring in the new year. As the largest technology conference of the year, CES is known as the perfect platform for companies to announce their … Continue reading


Neuromorphic Computing is in the Works to Make Our Devices Think Like a Human

There is a new lead in super fast computing. Neural networks are soon to arrive, and will take the world of machine learning by storm. We have some of this technology already implanted in many of our devices whether we … Continue reading


HP’s Tiny Z2 Mini Is the ‘World’s First Mini Workstation’

After several years without an upgrade or major overhaul to the Mac Mini, it is now approaching relic status the PC world. Major computing manufacturers, especially those serving primarily enterprise and business environments, have to constantly evolve to keep up … Continue reading


The Microsoft Surface Studio Is Its First Desktop, and Creative Professionals Could Find a Goldmine in Its Use

Wait a second! Microsoft, THE Microsoft has outdone itself once again? It has, this time with an improved rendition of its Surface Book (you know, the 2-in-1 considered to be the best of the best from Microsoft), by creating a … Continue reading