The Future of Gaming Is Now- Meet the HP Compact Omen X Desktop with VR Morphing Ability

Is it a desktop PC, is it a notebook, or is it a VR backpack PC with special powers? It’s the latter, guys! HP’s Omen X Compact Desktop has been born into in an entirely new generation, actually, the generation … Continue reading


A New External GPU for HP’s Omen Desktop Gaming PC Supports up to 300W

Recently, HP unveiled its Omen gaming PC, a complete laptop said to ship with an AMD Vega 10 graphics card and configured with either one or two GTX 1080 chips in SLI, or RX 480/580 in CrossFire. At the same … Continue reading


IBM Creators Take the Stand in Upping Battery Life, Performance With Future 5nm Silicon Chips

Back in 2015, IBM unveiled a 7nm process in manufacturing smaller, faster processors. An interesting move for IBM, or in the very least, a highly impressive one. Intel has always ruled in this area. The tech giant is of course … Continue reading


A Collaboration Canvas, Reinvented for the Cloud, Jamboard Is the Latest From Google

Who can argue with the fact that Google is one company that never stays still; it’s one that’s always changing, always morphing, and becoming larger. So, in comes something incredibly new- the Google Jamboard. No, it’s not the latest in … Continue reading


Stay in Charge and Off the Grid With Life-Power A3 a Game-Changer in Power Technology

While we are working, exercising, and on-the-go making lunch dates with our friends, aren’t we all just relying on our companion device to keep us going? Whether it’s our smartphone, tablet, or even laptop PC or hybrid PC keyboard, not … Continue reading


Think Zinc: Researchers Built Zinc Batteries to Replace Flaming Lithium Tendencies

Why do we love lithium-ion batteries so much, besides the fact they have high energy storage? We use them in laptops, cars, power tools, smartphones, and the like. They also are efficiently compact in that way, and have the ability … Continue reading


How About This Adorable Raspberry Pi-Powered Mac Made From LEGOS?

Hey there guys! This is some cool news. A man, not the first man to do so, but a man named Jannis Hermanns, built a Wi-Fi enabled LEGO Macintosh Classic running Docker OS, on a Raspberry Pi Zero circuit board. … Continue reading


A New Smart-Home Assistant, Duo, Takes Your Commands in the Unique Form of a Mirror!

If you’ve seen Iron Man, you’ve heard of Jarvis, and unless you’re not into anything tech, you’ve have to have heard the equivalence of the “real life Jarvis”, right? Although nothing nearly as sophisticated, yet those types of at-home assistants … Continue reading


Intel’s Optane Memory Offers High-Octane Speed for Your PC at Under $100

The world has been eagerly awaiting the debut of 3D Xpoint memory technology since we first learned about it back in 2015. And it is finally here – sort of. Intel just announced their newest family of products, dubbed Intel … Continue reading


Hey! Samsung Made Dex, a Little Dock To Turn your S8 Into a Desktop!

What? The brand new Samsung Galaxy S8, something I haven’t even written about yet, but do know involves a top-of-the-line Snapdragon processor and was designed with VR in mind (yeah!), is in the news for creating this amazing dock called … Continue reading


One Company Wants to Wirelessly Upgrade any Phone to a Full-Sized Touchscreen Display

What better way to describe Superscreen on Kickstarter than stating the obvious? What I mean is, the new invention has been 500 percent funded in a short amount of time, making it seem like something folks are more than ready … Continue reading


The New Orange Pi Model is a New, Well Equipped Single Board Mini PC For 10 Bucks

There is a Raspberry Pi rival in town? No, actually, there’s a Raspberry Pi Zero W rival in town. As specific as that sounds, it will all make sense once you realize this is a specific target towards Internet of … Continue reading


Matrix Voice is An Entirely Open Source Voice Recognition Dev Board

What is the Matrix Voice tool? Well, it is none other than a brand new Internet of Things (IoT) tool from Indiegogo crowdfunding startup, Matrix Labs. Sure, there’s a lot of inventions that pop up on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, in … Continue reading


Elon Musk’s Neuralink Aims to Add AI to the Human Brain

Contrary to popular belief, Elon Musk is not actually preparing for some sort of doomsday-esque takeover by the robots. Despite making headlines recently for comments that hint he may actually fear an AI-led apocalypse, it seems his more pressing goal … Continue reading


Dell Technologies Makes Waves at the 2017 SXSW Interactive Festival

To an outsider, Dell already seems like a natural partner for SXSW. The festival, which in recent years has become one of the most innovative and exciting technological showcases in the world, loves to highlight the best and brightest companies … Continue reading