How About This Adorable Raspberry Pi-Powered Mac Made From LEGOS?

Hey there guys! This is some cool news. A man, not the first man to do so, but a man named Jannis Hermanns, built a Wi-Fi enabled LEGO Macintosh Classic running Docker OS, on a Raspberry Pi Zero circuit board. Now that's a whole bunch of awesome in one tiny package and guess what, this little adorable gadget works with an e-paper display. It seems as though the next thing you might wonder is why one would do this, at least besides the adorable aesthetics? After playing with his son and building an all LEGO 1987 GMC Vandura and an off-road Segway, this man, knowing building things were now an endless possibility, had an instinct to build one of the first computers he ever remembers using as a kid. For most, that's going to be an old Macintosh Classic, and in this case the 1990 model as his best guess.

After his mind was set, and he was ready to experience all the nostalgic feels, he went ahead and ordered a screen, nothing LCD, that would be too hefty, but just a 2.7-inch e-ink paper display to start. The little LEGO computer couldn’t quite run macOS, but it could still look like a Mac. Plus Docker is a suitable operating system, enough for simple tasks like displaying simple words or images on its e-paper display. Additionally, he got the computer to utilize a service called for remotely updating software via Wi-Fi.

The initial prototype was a colorful LEGO build, yet his wasn’t quite what Hermanns was picturing. As we all know, growing up in the 80’s, Macs were grey through and through. In order to get an alternative build, he took on the LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) online, and edited the 3D design until the look finally made sense. The trim bezel took some tweaking to not appear bulky. As they were finally proportionate, and connecting the e-paper display to the Raspberry Pi Zero was completed, Hermanns got this little guy connected.

There’s quite a plethora of inventive LEGO builds, but how many have you come across with a Raspberry Pi inside? Essentially the coolest desk accessory, or just something to show off to your coworkers, I find it not only interestingly ironic, but lovely, that we can find something so old-school techie, add in the element of nostalgia, and that it becomes magical. I mean, how can you look at this baby Macintosh structure and not find it an immediately keepsake, or something you’d want around your home to simply remind us of where we've been?

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