Dell Laptop Regulatory Model Reference Guide

This is a cross-reference guide of the Regulatory Models and Regulatory Type Codes found on most Dell Laptops. Many of the Regulatory Models & Types are compatible with multiple laptop models or laptop series. Included in this list are links to Parts for the correct laptop and Repair Manuals if available. The Parts Links and Manual Links will be updated regularly to maintain current information.

Regulatory Model
Regulatory Type
Laptop Model
Laptop Parts
Laptop Manual
CB1C13 CB1C13001 Chromebook 11 Chromebook 11 Parts CB 11 Repair Manual
D02U D02U001 Inspiron 300m 300m Parts 300m Not Available
FT01 Not Found Inspiron 1428 1428 Not Available 1428 Not Available
P01E P01E001 Alienware M17x M17x Parts M17x Not Available
P01E P01E002 Alienware M17x R2 M17x R2 Parts M17x R2 Not Available
P01L P01L001 Latitude Z Z Not Available Z Not Available
P02E P02E001 Studio 1745

Studio 1747
1745 Parts

1747 Parts
1747 Not Available

1747 Not Available
P02E P02E002 Studio 1749 1749 Parts 1749 Not Available
P02F P02F001 Inspiron 1546 1546 Parts 1546 Not Available
P02G P02G001 Latitude E6400 XFR E6400 XFR Parts E6400 XFR Not Available
P02S P02S001 Adamo XPS Adamo XPS Parts Adamo XPS Not Available
P02T P02T001 Latitude 2100 2100 Parts 2100 Repair Manual
P02T P02T002 Latitude 2110

Latitude 2120
2110 Parts

2120 Parts
2110 Repair Manual

2120 Repair Manual
P03G P03G001 Studio 1450

Studio 1457

Studio 1458
1450 Parts

1457 Parts

1458 Parts
1450 Not Available

1457 Not Available

1458 Not Available
P03S P03S001 Vostro 1220 1220 Parts 1220 Not Available
P03T P03T001 Inspiron 11z-1110 1110 Parts 1110 Not Available
P04E P04E001 Inspiron 1750 1750 Parts 1750 Not Available
P04F P04F001 Inspiron 15z-1570 1570 Parts 1570 Not Available
P04G P04G001 Inspiron 14z-1470 1470 Parts 1470 Not Available
P04S P04S001 Inspiron 1320 1320 Parts 1320 Not Available
P04T P04T001 Inspiron Mini 10-1012 1012 Parts 1012 Not Available
P05F P05F001 Latitude E5510 E5510 Parts E5510 Not Available
P05G P05G001 Latitude E4310 E4310 Parts E4310 Not Available
P05S P05S001 Latitude XT2 XFR XT2 XFR Parts XT2 XFR Not Available
P06E P06E001 Vostro 3700 3700 Parts 3700 Not Available
P06G P06G001 Latitude E5410 E5410 Parts E5410 Not Available
P06F P06F001 Studio 1569 1569 Parts 1569 Not Available
P06S P06S001 Inspiron 13-1370 1370 Parts 1370 Not Available
P06T P06T001 Alienware M11x M11x Parts M11x Not Available
P06T P06T002 Alienware M11x R2 M11x R2 Parts M11x R2 Not Available
P06T P06T003 Alienware M11x R3 M11x R3 Parts M11x R3 Not Available
P07E P07E001 Inspiron 1764 1764 Parts 1764 Not Available
P07F P07F001 Inspiron 15-N5030 N5030 Parts N5030 Repair Manual
P07F P07F002 Inspiron 15-M5030 M5030 Parts M5030 Repair Manual
P07G P07G001 Inspiron 14-N4020 M5030 Parts N4020 Not Available
P07T P07T001 Inspiron 11z-1121 1121 Parts 1121 Not Available
P07T P07T002 Inspiron 11z-1120 (M101z) 1120 Parts 1120 Not Available
P07T P07T003 Inspiron 11z-1122 (M102z) 1122 Parts 1122 Not Available
P08E P08E001 Inspiron 17R-N7010 N7010 Parts N7010 Not Available
P08F P08F001 Inspiron 15-1564 1564 Parts 1564 Not Available
P08G P08G001 Alienware M15x M15x Parts M15x Not Available
P08S P08S001 Latitude 13-13n

Vostro V13
13 Parts

V13 Parts
13n Not Available

V13 Not Available
P08T P08T001 Inspiron Mini Duo 1090 1090 Parts 1090 Not Available
P09E P09E001 XPS 17-L701x L701x Parts L701x Repair Manual
P09E P09E002 XPS 17-L702x L702x Parts L702x Repair Manual
P09F P09F001 Vostro 3500 3500 Parts 3500 Not Available
P09G P09G001 Inspiron 1464 1464 Parts 1464 Not Available
P09S P09S001 Vostro 3300 3300 Parts 3300 Not Available
P09T P09T001 Inspiron Mini 10v-1018 1018 Parts 1018 Not Available
P10E P10E001 Precision M6600 M6600 Parts M6600 Repair Manual
P10F P10F001 Inspiron 15R-N5010 N5010 Parts N5010 Repair Manual
P10F P10F002 Inspiron 15-M5010 (M501R) M5010 Parts M5010 (M501R) Repair Manual
P10G P10G001 Vostro 3400 3400 Parts 3400 Not Available
P10S P10S001 Inspiron 13-N3010 N3010 Parts N3010 Not Available
P11E P11E001 Alienware M17x R3 M17x R3 Parts M17x R3 Repair Manual
P11E P11E002 Alienware M17x R4 M17x R4 Parts M17x R4 Repair Manual
P11F P11F001 XPS 15-L501x L501X Parts L501x Not Available
P11F P11F003 XPS 15-L502X L502X Parts L502X Repair Manual
P11G P11G001 Inspiron 14-M4010

Inspiron 14R-N4010
M4010 Parts

N4010 Parts
M4010 Repair Manual

N4010 Repair Manual
P11S P11S001 Inspiron M301Z

Inspiron 13z-N301Z
M301z Not Available

N301z Not Available
M301z Not Available

N301z Not Available
P12E P12E001 Alienware M18x M18x Parts M18x Not Available
P12E P12E002 Alienware M18x R2 M18x R2 Parts M18x R2 Not Available
P12F P12F001 XPS 15Z-L511z L511z Parts L511z Repair Manual
P12G P12G001 XPS 14-L401x L401x Parts L401x Not Available
P12S P12S001 Latitude E6320 E6320 Parts E6320 Not Available
P13E P13E001 Vostro 3750 3750 Parts 3750 Not Available
P13F P13F001 Precision M4600 M4600 Parts M4600 Not Available
P13S P13S001 Vostro 3350 3350 Parts 3350 Not Available
P14E P14E001 Inspiron 17R-N7110 N7110 Parts N7110 Not Available
P14F P14F001 Latitude E6520 E6520 Parts E6520 Not Available
P14T P14T001 Latitude E6230 E6230 Parts E6230 Not Available
P15E P15E001 Inspiron 17R-5720

Inspiron 17R-7720
5720 Parts

7720 Parts
5720 Repair Manual

7720 Repair Manual
P15F P15F001 Latitude E5520 E5520 Parts E5520 Not Available
P15F P15F002 Latitude E5520M E5520M Parts E5520M Not Available
P15G P15G001 Latitude E6420 E6420 Parts E6420 Repair Manual
P15G P15G002 Latitude E6420 ATG E6420 ATG Parts E6420 ATG Not Available
P15S P15S001 Latitude E6220 E6220 Parts E6220 Repair Manual
P16F P16F001 Vostro 3550 3550 Parts 3550 Not Available
P16F P16F002 Vostro 3555 3555 Parts 3555 Not Available
P16G P16G001 Latitude E5420 E5420 Parts E5420 Repair Manual
P16G P16G002 Latitude E5420M E5420M Parts E5420M Not Available
P16S P16S001 Vostro V130 V130 Parts V130 Not Available
P16T P16T001 XPS 11- 9P33 9P33 Parts 9P33 Repair Manual
P17E P17E001 Inspiron 17-3721

Inspiron 17R-5721
3721 Parts

5721 Parts
3721 Repair Manual

5721 Repair Manual
P17E P17E002 Inspiron 17-3737

Inspiron 17R-5737
3737 Parts

5737 Parts
3737 Repair Manual

5737 Repair Manual
P17E P17E003 Inspiron M731R-5735 M731R-5735 Parts M731R-5735 Repair Manual
P17F P17F001 Inspiron 15R-N5110 N5110 Parts N5110 Repair Manual
P17F P17F002 Inspiron M511R-M5110 M511R-M5110 Parts M511R-M5110 Not available
P17G P17G001 Latitude XT3 XT3 Parts XT3 Repair Manual
P17S P17S001 Inspiron 13z-N311Z N311Z Parts N311Z Not Available
P18E P18E001 Alienware 17 R1 17 R1 Not Available 17 R1 Not Available
P18F P18F001 Inspiron 15-N5050

Vostro 1550
N5050 Parts

1550 Parts
N5050 Repair Manual

1550 Not Available
P18F P18F002 Inspiron 15-N5040

Vostro 1540
N5040 Parts

1540 Parts
N5040 Repair Manual

1540 Not Available
P18F P18F003 Inspiron M5040 M5040 Parts M5040 Repair Manual
P18F P18F004 Inspiron 15-3520

Vostro 2520
3520 Parts

2520 Parts
3520 Repair Manual

2520 Repair Manuals
P18G P18G001 Alienware M14x M14x Parts M14x Not Available
P18G P18G002 Alienware M14x R2 M14x R2 Parts M14x R2 Not Available
P18S P18S001 Vostro V131 V131 Parts V131 Not Available
P18S P18S002 Latitude 3330 3330 Parts 3330 Not Available
P18T P18T001 Latitude 12-7204 Rugged 7204 Rugged Parts 7204 Rugged Not Available
P19E P19E001 Alienware 18 R1 18 R1 Not Available 18 R1 Not Available
P19F P19F001 Latitude E6530 E6530 Parts E6530 Not Available
P19G P19G001 Vostro 3450 3450 Parts 3450 Not Available
P19S P19S001 Latitude E6330 E6330 Parts E6330 Not Available
P19S P19S002 Latitude E6430s E6430s Parts E6430s Not Available
P19T P19T001 Inspiron 11-3137 3137 Parts 3137 Repair Manual
P19T P19T002 Inspiron 11-3135 3135 Parts 3135 Repair Manual
P19T P19T003 Inspiron 11-3138 3138 Parts 3138 Repair Manual
P20E P20E001 Precision M6800 M6800 Parts M6800 Not Available
P20G P20G001 Inspiron 14R-N4110

Inspiron 14-N4120
N4110 Parts

N4120 Not Available
N4110 Not Available

N4120 Not Available
P20G P20G002 Inspiron 14-M4040

Inspiron M411R-M4110
M4040 Parts

M411R-M4110 Not Available
M4040 Not Available

M411R-M4110 Not Available
P20G P20G003 Inspiron 14-N4030 N4030 Parts N4030 Not Available
P20S P20S001 XPS 12-9Q23 9Q23 Parts 9Q23 Repair Manual
P20S P20S002 XPS 12-9Q33 9Q33 Parts 9Q33 Repair Manual
P20T P20T001 Inspiron 11-3147 3147 Parts 3147 Repair Manual
P20T P20T002 Inspiron 11-3148 3148 Parts 3148 Repair Manual
P20T P20T003 Inspiron 11-3152

Inspiron 11-3157
3152 Parts

3157 Parts
3152 Repair Manual

3157 Repair Manual
P20T P20T004 Inspiron 11-3153

Inspiron 11-3158
3153 Parts

3158 Parts
3153 Repair Manual

3158 Repair Manual
P21F P21F001 Precision M4700 M4700 Parts M4700 Not Available
P21G P21G001 Latitude E6420 XFR E6420 XFR Parts E6420 XFR Not Available
P21T P21T001 Latitude 3150 3150 Parts 3150 Repair Manual
P21T P21T002 Latitude 3160 3160 Parts 3160 Repair Manual
P22F P22F001 Precision M6700 M6700 Parts M6700 Not Available
P22G P22G001 Inspiron 14-N4050

Vostro 1450
N4050 Parts

1450 Parts
N4050 Not Available

1450 Not Available
P22G P22G002 Inspiron M4040 M4040 Parts M4040 Not Available
P22G P22G003 Vostro 1440 1440 Parts 1440 Not Available
P22G P22G004 Inspiron 14-3420

Vostro 2420
3240 Parts

2420 Parts
3420 Not Available

2420 Not Available
P22S P22S001 Latitude E7240 E7240 Parts E7240 Repair Manual
P22S P22S002 Latitude E7250 E7250 Parts E7250 Not Available
P22T P22T001 Chromebook 11-3120 3120 Parts 3120 Repair Manual
P23F P23F001 XPS 15-L521x L521x Parts L521x Repair Manual
P23G P23G001 Inspiron 14z-N411z N411z Parts N411z Repair Manual
P23T P23T001 Latitude E5270 E5270 Not Available E5270 Not Available
P24E P24E001 Inspiron 17-7737 7737 Parts 7737 Repair Manual
P24E P24E002 Inspiron 17-7746 7746 Parts 7746 Not Available
P24F P24F001 Vostro 3560 3560 Parts 3560 Not Available
P24G P24G001 XPS 14Z-L412z L412z Parts L412z Not Available
P24T P24T001 Inspiron 11-3162 3162 Not Available 3162 Not Available
P25F P25F001 Inspiron 15R(SE)-5520

Inspiron 5521

Inspiron 7520
5520 Parts

5521 Parts

7520 Parts
5520 Repair Manual

5521 Repair Manual

7520 Repair Manual
P25F P25F002 Inspiron M521R-5525 M521R-5525 Not Available M521R-5525 Not Available
P25G P25G001 Latitude E6430 E6430 Parts E6430 Not Available
P25G P25G002 Latitude E6430 ATG E6430 ATG Parts E6430 ATG Not Available
P25S P25S001 Latitude E5250 E5250 Parts E5250 Repair Manual
P26E P26E001 Inspiron 17-5748 5748 Parts 5748 Repair Manual
P26E P26E001 Inspiron 17-5749 5749 Parts 5749 Repair Manual
P26F P26F001 Inspiron 15z-5523 5523 Parts 5523 Not Available
P26S P26S001 Latitude E7270 E7270 Not Available E7270 Not Available
P27F P27F001 Vostro 2521 2521 Not Available 2521 Not Available
P27G P27G001 Latitude E5430 E5430 Parts E5430 Repair Manual
P28E P28E001 Inspiron 17-5758 5758 Parts 5758 Repair Manual
P28E P28E002 Inspiron 17-5755 5755 Parts 5755 Not Available
P28E P28E004 Inspiron 17-5759 5759 Parts 5759 Not Available
P28F P28F001 Inspiron 15-3521 3521 Parts 3521 Repair Manual
P28F P28F002 Inspiron M531R(5535) M531R(5535) Parts M531R-5535 Not Available
P28F P28F003 Inspiron 15-3537

Inspiron 15R-5537
15-3537 Parts

15R-5537 Parts
3537 Repair Manual

5537 Repair Manual
P28F P28F004 Latitude 3540 3540 Parts 3540 Repair Manual
P28F P28F005 Inspiron 15-3531 3531 Parts 3531 Repair Manual
P28G P28G001 Latitude E5530 E5530 Parts E5530 Repair Manual
P29E P29E001 Precision 17-7710 7710 Parts 7710 Not Available
P29F P29F001 Latitude E6540

Precision M2800
E6540 Parts

M2800 Parts
E6540 Not Available

M2800 Not Available
P29G P29G001 XPS 13-9333

9333 Parts

L321X Parts
9333 Not Available

L321X Repair Manual
P29G P29G001 XPS 13-L322X L322X Parts L322X Not Available
P30F P30F001 Precision M4800 M4800 Parts M4800 Not Available
P30G P30G001 XPS 14-L421x L421x Parts L421x Repair Manual
P31F P31F001 Precision M3800

XPS 15-9530
M3800 Parts

9530 Parts
M3800 Not Available

9530 Not Available
P31G P31G001 Inspiron 13z-5323 5323 Parts 5323 Repair Manual
P32G P32G001 Vostro 3360 3360 Parts 3360 Not Available
P33G P33G001 Inspiron 14R(SE)-5420

Inspiron 5425

Inspiron 14R(SE)-7420
5420 Parts

5425 Not Available

7420 Parts
5420 Not Available

5425 Not Available

7420 Not Available
P33G P33G002 Inspiron M421R M421R Not Available M421R Not Available
P34F P34F001 Vostro 5560 5560 Not Available 5560 Not Available
P34G P34G001 Vostro 3460 3460 Parts 3460 Not Available
P35F P35F001 Latitude E5540 E5540 Parts E5540 Not Available
P35G P35G001 Inspiron 14z-5423 5423 Parts 5423 Repair Maunals
P36F P36F001 Inspiron 15-7537 7537 Parts 7537 Repair Maunals
P36G P36G001 Latitude 6430u 6430u Parts 6430u Not Available
P36L P36L001 Vostro 2510 2510 Parts 2510 Not Available
P37F P37F001 Latitude E5550-5550 E5550-5550 Parts E5550-5550 Repair Manual
P37G P37G001 Inspiron 14-3421

Inspiron 14R-5421

Vostro 2421
3421 Parts

5421 Parts

2421 Parts
3421 Repair Manual

5421 Repair Manual

2421 Repair Manual
P37G P37G002 Inspiron M431R M431R Not Available M431R Not Available
P37G P37G003 Inspiron 14-3437

Inspiron 14R-5437
3437 Parts

5437 Parts
3437 Repair Manuals

5437 Repair Manuals
P37G P37G004 Latitude 3440 3440 Parts 3440 Repair Manuals
P38F P38F001 Latitude 3550 3550 Parts 3550 Not Available
P38G P38G001 Latitude E6440 E6440 Parts E6440 Repair Manuals
P39F P39F001 Inspiron 15-5542

Inspiron 15-5543

Inspiron 15-5547

Inspiron 15-5548
5542 Parts

5543 Parts

5547 Parts

5548 Parts
5542 Repair Manuals

5543 Repair Manuals

5547 Repair Manuals

5548 Repair Manuals
P39F P39F002 Inspiron 15-5545 5545 Parts 5545 Repair Manuals
P39F P39F003 Inspiron 15-5557 5557 Not Available 5557 Not Available
P39G P39G001 Alienware 14 R1 14 R1 Parts 14 R1 Repair Manuals
P40F P40F001 Inspiron 15-3542

Inspiron 15-3543
3542 Parts

3543 Parts
3542 Repair Manuals

3543 Repair Manuals
P40F P40F002 Inspiron 15-3541 3541 Parts 3541 Repair Manuals
P40G P40G001 Latitude E7440 E7440 Parts E7440 Repair Manuals
P40G P40G002 Latitude E7450 E7450 Parts E7450 Repair Manuals
P41F P41F001 Inspiron 15-7547

Inspiron 15-7548
7547 Parts

7548 Parts
7547 Repair Manuals

7548 Repair Manuals
P41G P41G001 Inspiron 14-5439 5439 Not Available 5439 Not Available
P41G P41G002 Vostro 5460

Vostro 5470

Vostro 5480
5460 Not Available

5470 Parts

5480 Not Available
5460 Not Available

5470 Not Available

5480 Not Available
P42F P42F001 Alienware 15 R1 15 R1 Parts 15 R1 Not Available
P42F P42F002 Alienware 15 R2 15 R2 Parts 15 R2 Not Available
P42G P42G001 Inspiron 14-7437 7437 Parts 7437 Not Available
P43F P43F001 Alienware 17 R2 17 R2 Parts 17 R2 Not Available
P43F P43F002 Alienware 17 R3 17 R3 Parts 17 R3 Not Available
P44G P44G001 Latitude E5440 17 R3 Parts 17 R3 Not Available
P45F P45F001 Vostro 15-3546

Vostro 15-3549
3546 Parts

3549 Not Available
3546 Not Available

3549 Not Available
P45G P45G001 Latitude 14-7404 Rugged 7404 Rugged Parts 7404 Rugged Not Available
P46G P46G001 Latitude 14-5404 Rugged 5404 Rugged Parts 5404 Rugged Not Available
P47F P47F001 Inspiron 15-3558 3558 Parts 3558 Not Available
P47F P47F002 Inspiron 15-3551 3551 Parts 3551 Not Available
P47F P47F003 Inspiron 15-3552 3552 Parts 3552 Repair Manual
P47F P47F004 Inspiron 15-3559 3559 Not Available 3559 Not Available
P47G P47G001 Latitude 3340 3340 Parts 3340 Repair Manual
P47G P47G002 Latitude 3350 3350 Not Available 3350 Not Available
P48F P48F001 Precision 3510

Latitude E5570
3510 Not Available

E5570 Not Available
3510 Not Available

E5570 Not Available
P48G P48G001 Latitude E5450 E5450 Parts E5450 Repair Manual
P49G P49G001 Inspiron 14-5442

Inspiron 14-5443

Inspiron 14-5447

Inspiron 14-5448
5442 Parts

5443 Parts

5447 Parts

5448 Parts
5442 Repair Manual

5443 Repair Manual

5447 Repair Manual

5448 Repair Manual
P49G P49G002 Inspiron 14-5445 5445 Parts 5445 Repair Manual
P49G P49G003 Inspiron 14-5457 5457 Not Available 5457 Not Available
P50F P50F001 Latitude 3560

Latitude 3570
3560 Not Available

3570 Not Available
3560 Not Available

3570 Not Available
P51F P51F001 Inspiron 15-5558 5558 Parts 5558 Repair Manual
P51F P51F002 Inspiron 15-5555 5555 Parts 5555 Repair Manual
P51F P51F003 Inspiron 15-5551 5551 Parts 5551 Repair Manual
P51F P51F004 Inspiron 15-5559 5559 Parts 5559 Repair Manual
P51F P51F005 Inspiron 15-5552 5552 Parts 5552 Repair Manual
P51G P51G001 Latitude 3450 3450 Parts 3450 Not Available
P52F P52F001 Vostro 15-3558 3558 Parts 3558 Repair Manual
P52F P52F003 Vostro 15-3559 3559 Parts 3559 Repair Manual
P52G P52G001 Vostro 14-3446

Vostro 14-3449
3446 Not Available

3449 Not Available
3446 Not Available

3449 Not Available
P52G P52G002 Vostro 14-3445 3445 Not Available 3445 Not Available
P53G P53G001 Inspiron 14-3442

Inspiron 14-3443
3442 Parts

3443 Parts
3442 Not Available

3443 Not Available
P53G P53G002 Inspiron 14-3441 3441 Not Available 3441 Not Available
P54G P54G001 XPS 13-9343 9343 Parts 9343 Not Available
P54G P54G002 XPS 13-9350 9350 Parts 9350 Not Available
P55F P55F001 Inspiron 15-7558 7558 Parts 7558 Repair Manual
P55F P55F002 Inspiron 15-7568 7568 Parts 7568 Not Available
P55G P55G001 Inspiron 14-7447 7447 Parts 7447 Not Available
P56F P56F001 Precision 5510

XPS 15-9550
5510 Parts

9550 Parts
5510 Not Available

9550 Not Available
P56G P56G001 Alienware 13 13 Parts 13 Not Available
P56G P56G002 Alienware 13 R2 13 R2 Parts 13 R2 Not Available
P57F P57F001 Inspiron 15-7557 7557 Not Available 7557 Not Available
P57F P57F002 Inspiron 15-7559 7559 Not Available 7559 Not Available
P57G P57G001 Inspiron 13-7347

Inspiron 13-7348

Inspiron 13-7352
7347 Parts

7348 Parts

7352 Parts
7347 Repair Manuals

7348 Repair Manuals

7352 Repair Manuals
P57G P57G002 Inspiron 13-7353

Inspiron 13-7359
7353 Parts

7359 Parts
7353 Repair Manuals

7359 Repair Manuals
P58G P58G001 Latitude 7350 Tablet 7350 Not Available 7350 Repair Manuals
P60G P60G001 Inspiron 14-3458 3458 Not Available 3458 Not Available
P60G P60G002 Inspiron 14-3451 3451 Parts 3451 Not Available
P60G P60G003 Inspiron 14-3452 3452 Parts 3452 Not Available
P60G P60G004 Inspiron 14-3459 3459 Not Available 3459 Not Available
P61G P61G001 Latitude E7470 E7470 Parts E7470 Repair Manuals
P62G P62G001 Latitude E5470 E5470 Not Available E5470 Not Available
P63G P63G001 Latitude 3460

Latitude 3470
3460 Not Available

3470 Not Available
3460 Not Available

3470 Not Available
P64G P64G001 Inspiron 14-5458 5458 Parts 5458 Not Available
P64G P64G002 Inspiron 14-5455 5455 Not Available 5455 Not Available
P64G P64G003 Inspiron 14-5451 5451 Parts 5451 Not Available
P64G P64G004 Inspiron 14-5459 5459 Not Available 5459 Not Available
P64G P64G005 Inspiron 14-5452 5452 Not Available 5452 Not Available
P65G P65G001 Vostro 3458 3458 Parts 3458 Not Available
P66G P66G001 Chromebook 13-7310 7310 Not Available 7310 Not Available
P67G P67G001 Latitude 7370 7370 Not Available 7370 Not Available
P68G P68G001 Vostro 15-5459 5459 Not Available 5459 Not Available
PP01L PP01L Inspiron 4150

Latitude C500

Latitude C510

Latitude C540

Latitude C600

Latitude C610

Latitude C640
4150 Parts

C500 Parts

C510 Parts

C540 Parts

C600 Parts

C610 Parts

C640 Parts
4150 Not Available

C500 Not Available

C510 Not Available

C540 Not Available

C600 Not Available

C610 Not Available

C640 Not Available
PP01S PP01S Latitude L400 L400 Parts L400 Not Available
PP01X PP01X Latitude C800

Latitude C810

Latitude C840

Precision M40
C800 Parts

C810 Parts

C840 Parts

M40 Parts
C800 Not Available

C810 Not Available

C840 Not Available

M40 Not Available
PP02X PP02X Inspiron 8500

Inspiron 8600

Latitude D800

Latitude D810

Precision M60
8500 Parts

8600 Parts

D800 Parts

D810 Parts

M60 Parts
8500 Not Available

8600 Not Available

D800 Not Available

D810 Not Available

M60 Not Available
PP03X PP03X XPS M2010 M2010 Parts M2010 Not Available
PP04S PP04S Latitude X300 X300 Parts X300 Not Available
PP04X PP04X Latitude D531

Latitude D820

Latitude D830

Precision M4300

Precision M65
D531 Parts

D820 Parts

D830 Parts

M4300 Parts

M65 Parts
D531 Not Available

D820 Not Available

D830 Not Available

M4300 Not Available

M65 Not Available
PP05L PP05L Inspiron 500m

Inspiron 600m

Latitude D500

Latitude D600
500m Parts

600m Parts

D500 Parts

D600 Parts
500m Not Available

600m Not Available

D500 Not Available

D600 Not Available
PP05S PP05S Latitude X1 X1 Parts X1 Not Available
PP05XA PP05XA Precision M6300-M90 M6300 Parts

M90 Parts
M6300 Not Available

M90 Not Available
PP05XB PP05XB Inspiron 9400

Inspiron E1705

XPS M1710
9400 Parts

E1705 Parts

M1710 Parts
9400 Not Available

E1705 Not Available

M1710 Not Available
PP06S PP06S Latitude D410 D410 Parts D410 Not Available
PP06XA PP06XA XPS M1730 M1730 Parts M1730 Not Available
PP07L PP07L Inspiron 1100

Inspiron 5150
1100 Parts

5150 Parts
1100 Not Available

5150 Not Available
PP07S PP07S Inspiron 700m

Inspiron 710m
700m Parts

710m Parts
700m Not Available

710m Not Available
PP08L PP08L Inspiron 1150

Inspiron 5150

Inspiron 5160

Latitude 100L
1150 Parts

5150 Parts

5160 Parts

100L Parts
1150 Not Available

5150 Not Available

5160 Not Available

100L Not Available
PP08S PP08S Inspiron 1000 1000 Parts 1000 Not Available
PP08X PP08X Precision M6400

Precision M6500
M6400 Parts

M6500 Parts
M6400 Not Available

M6500 Not Available
PP09L PP09L Inspiron 9100

XPS Gen 1
9100 Parts

XPS Gen 1 Parts
9100 Not Available

XPS Gen 1 Not Available
PP09S PP09S Latitude D420-D430 D420 Parts

D430 Parts
D420 Not Available

D430 Not Available
PP10L PP10L Inspiron 510m

Latitude D505

Latitude D510
510m Parts

D505 Parts

D510 Parts
510m Not Available

D505 Not Available

D510 Not Available
PP10S PP10S Inspiron 1200

Inspiron 2200

Latitude 110L
1200 Parts

2200 Parts

110L Parts
1200 Not Available

2200 Not Available

110L Not Available
PP11L PP11L Latitude D610

Precision M20
D610 Parts

M20 Parts
D610 Not Available

M20 Not Available
PP11S PP11S XPS M1210 M1210 Parts M1210 Not Available
PP12L PP12L Inspiron 6000 6000 Parts 6000 Not Available
PP12S PP12S Latitude XT

Latitude XT2
XT Parts

XT2 Parts
XT Repair Manual

XT2 Repair Manual
PP13S PP13S Latitude E4300 E4300 Parts E4300 Not Available
PP14L PP14L Inspiron 9200

Inspiron 9300

XPS Gen 2

XPS M170
9200 Parts

9300 Parts

Gen 2 Parts

M170 Parts
9200 Not Available

9300 Not Available

Gen 2 Not Available

M170 Not Available
PP15L PP15L Precision M70 M70 Parts M70 Not Available
PP15S PP15S Latitude E4200 E4200 Parts E4200 Not Available
PP16S PP16S Vostro 1200 1200 Parts 1200 Not Available
PP17L PP17L Latitude D520

Latitude D530
D520 Parts

D530 Parts
D520 Not Available

D530 Not Available
PP17S PP17S Studio XPS M1340 M1340 Parts M1340 Not Available
PP18L PP18L Latitude D620

Latitude D620 ATG

Latitude D630 ATG

Latitude D631

Precision M2300
D620 Parts

D620 ATG Parts

D630 ATG Parts

M2300 Parts
D620 Repair Manual

D620 ATG Not Available

D630 ATG Not Available

D631 Not Available

M2300 Not Available
PP19L PP19L Inspiron 630m

Inspiron 640m

Inspiron E1405

XPS M140
630m Parts

640m Parts

E1405 Parts

M140 Parts
630m Not Available

640m Not Available

E1405 Not Available

M140 Not Available
PP19S PP19S Inspiron Mini 10-1010

Inspiron Mini 10v-1011
1010 Parts

1011 Parts
1010 Not Available

1011 Not Available
PP20L PP20L Inspiron 6400

6400 Parts

E1505 Parts
6400 Repair Manual

E1505 Repair Manual
PP21L PP21L Inspiron 1300

Inspiron B120

Inspiron B130

Latitude 120L
1300 Parts

B120 Parts

B130 Parts

120L Parts
1300 Not Available

B120 Not Available

B130 Not Available

120L Not Available
PP22L PP22L Inspiron 1520

Inspiron 1521

Vostro 1500
1520 Parts

1521 Parts

1500 Parts
1520 Repair Manual

1521 Repair Manual

1500 Repair Manual
PP22X PP22X Inspiron 1720

Inspiron 1721

Vostro 1700
1720 Parts

1721 Parts

1700 Parts
1720 Repair Manual

1721 Repair Manual

1700 Repair Manual
PP23LA PP23LA Inspiron 1501 1501 Parts 1501 Not Available
PP23LB PP23LB Latitude 131L

Vostro 1000
131L Parts

1000 Parts
131L Not Available

1000 Not Available
PP24L PP24L Latitude D630

Latitude D630c

Studio 1435
D630 Parts

D630c Parts

1435 Parts
D630 Repair Manual

D630c Not Available

1435 Not Available
PP25L PP25L Inspiron 1318

XPS M1330
1318 Parts

M1330 Parts
1318 Not Available

M1330 Repair Manual
PP26L PP26L Inspiron 1420

Vostro 1400
1420 Parts

1400 Parts
1420 Not Available

1400 Not Available
PP27L PP27L Latitude E6400

Latitude E6400 ATG

Precision M2400
E6400 Parts

E6400 ATG Parts

M2400 Parts
E6400 Repair Manuals

E6400 ATG Not Available

M2300 Not Available
PP27LA PP27LA Latitude E6410

E6410 ATG
E6410 Parts

E6410 ATG Parts
E6410 Repair Manuals

E6410 ATG Not Available
PP28L PP28L XPS M1530 M1530 Parts M1530 Repair Manual
PP29L PP29L Inspiron 1525

Inspiron 1526

Vostro 500
1525 Parts

1526 Parts

500 Parts
1525 Repair Manual

1526 Repair Manual

500 Not Available
PP30L PP30L Latitude E6500

Precision M4400
E6500 Parts

M4400 Parts
E6500 Not Available

M4400 Not Available
PP30LA PP30LA001 Latitude E6510

Precision M4500
E6510 Parts

M4500 Parts
E6510 Not Available

M4500 Not Available
PP31L PP31L Studio 1735

Studio 1737
1735 Parts

1737 Parts
1735 Repair Manual

1737 Repair Manual
PP32LA PP32LA Latitude E5400 E5400 Parts Not Available
PP33L PP33L Studio 1535

Studio 1536

Studio 1537
1535 Parts

1536 Parts

1537 Parts
1535 Repair Manual

1536 Repair Manual

1537 Repair Manual
PP34L PP34L Latitude D630 XFR D630 XFR Parts D630 XFR Not Available
PP35L PP35L Studio XPS 1645

Studio XPS 1647

Studio XPS M1640
1645 Parts

1647 Parts M1640 Parts
1645 Not Available

1647 Not Available

M1640 Not Available
PP36L PP36L Vostro 1510

Vostro 1520

Vostro 2510
1510 Parts

1520 Parts

2510 Parts
1510 Not Available

1520 Not Available

2510 Not Available
PP36S PP36S Vostro 1310

Vostro 1320
1310 Parts

1320 Parts
1310 Not Available

1320 Not Available
PP36X PP36X Vostro 1710

Vostro 1720
1710 Parts

1720 Parts
1710 Not Available

1720 Not Available
PP37L PP37L Vostro 1015

Vostro A860
1015 Parts

A860 Parts
1015 Not Available

A860 Not Available
PP38L PP38L Inspiron 1410

Vostro 1014

Vostro 1088

Vostro A840
1410 Parts

1014 Parts

1088 Parts

A840 Parts
1410 Not Available

1014 Not Available

1088 Not Available

A840 Not Available
PP39L PP39L Studio 15-1555

Studio 1557

Studio 1558
1555 Parts

1557 Parts

1558 Parts
1555 Repair Manual

1557 Repair Manual

1558 Repair Manual
PP39S PP39S Inspiron Mini 9-910

Vostro A90
910 Parts

A90 Parts
910 Not Available

A90 Not Available
PP40L PP40L Studio 14z-1440 1440 Parts 1440 Not Available
PP40S PP40S Inspiron Mini 12-1210 1210 Parts 1210 Not Available
PP41L PP41L Inspiron 1545 1545 Parts 1545 Repair Manual
PP42L PP42L Inspiron 1440 1440 Parts 1440 Not Available
PPM PPM Inspiron 5000-5000e 5000-5000e Parts 5000-5000e Not Available
PPT PPT Latitude D400 D400 Parts D400 Not Available
T02G T02G001 Latitude ST Tablet ST Parts ST Repair Maunal
T02H T02H001 Latitude 7275 Tablet

XPS 12-9250
7275 Not Available

9250 Not Available
7275 Not Available

9250 Not Available
T03H T03H001 Latitude 12-7202 Rugged Tablet 7202 Parts 7202 Not Available
T04E T04E Latitude 5175 Tablet

Latitude 5179 Tablet
5175 Not Available

5179 Not Available
5175 Not Available

5179 Not Available
T05G T05G001 Latitude 10-ST2 Tablet

Latitude 10e-ST2e Tablet
ST2 Parts

ST2e Parts
ST2 Not Available

ST2e Not Available
T07G T07G001 Venue 11 Pro 7130 Tablet

Venue 11 Pro 7139 Tablet
7130 Parts

7139 Parts
7130 Repair Manual

7139 Repair Manual

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