New Standards in DisplayPort Mean Driving 8K over Thunderbolt and USB Type-C

DisplayPort14UpdateNew display capabilities (that surround both DisplayPort and Embedded DisplayPort devices) are hitting the market faster than the devices we own. Still, these standards are important keys for our viewing pleasure.The authoritative standard-setter, the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), most recently updated the DisplayPort last year with DP 1.4, a version for allowing higher definition footage, but is now completing the update by moving onto version 1.4. VESA is working hard to make your DisplayPorts work better, and in different ways. We are especially talking about the anticipated upcoming technology, 8K with High Dynamic Range (HDR) video.

A bit more history. Before DP 1.4, there was version DP 1.3 back in 2014, a standard made to provide support for driving either one 5K display at 60Hz, or 8K display at 30Hz. However, most new computers today still support the DP 1.2 standard, one strong enough to drive 4K at 60Hz using one cable. The introduction of DP 1.4 not only means the addition of 8K monitor support (if you just so happen to get your hands on one), but the ability to support HDR content via both Thunderbolt or USB Type-C. Gizmodo wants you to picture the scenario as follows: “blasting out 8K video at 60Hz in HDR deep color, or 4K footage at 120Hz in HDR deep color”. VESA creates such magic through its new Display Stream Compression feature, “compressing footage while being virtually lossless”. VESA doesn’t forget about gamers, either. According to Extreme Tech, the new standard makes for refresh rates higher than 60Hz a possibility, even driving up to 120Hz in 4K resolution.

DisplayPort14Update1Who cares if 8K monitors aren’t yet the norm? We all know they will be more common before we know it. Imagine your mobile device hooking up to an 8K display, via Thunderbolt or USB Type-C and display dock or adapter, and instantaneously pulling out the highest res video (up to 7680 x 4320) you could imagine (and blowing HDMI 2.0 out of the water). Makes you want to drool, doesn’t it? That is something else the new DP 1.4 will be able to do (PC Mag). VESA doesn’t forget about gamers, either.

Supporting both USB Type-C as well as Thunderbolt was a good move by VESA. The Thunderbolt 3 version, although new, is already starting to show up in laptops across the board; and of course USB Type-C is inching its way towards more mainstream computers after its introduction to the new Apple MacBook. Being good news and all, this is a tremendous jump in what displays will be able to do next. It just may take a while for manufacturers to adjust to the new standard, but we are still allowed to be excited.

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