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Dell Laptop Install & Upgrade Services

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  • Affordable- Flat $50 Installation fee (no hourly fee)
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General Laptop Part Installation
Cost $50 Flat Rate Labor (plus parts & shipping)

Memory installationOur general part installation service is an economical way to install parts that you have purchased from us. This service is for parts that are obviously damaged and need to be replaced; this is not a repair service.

We have listed some examples of a general part install:

  • Dell notebook Keyboard (keys missing)
  • Hinge Replacement (loose, screen will not stay up)
  • Bay Latch Replacement (battery and/or CD drive will not stay in)
  • LCD Latch Hook (LCD screen will not latch)
  • Power Button Plastic (cracked)
  • LCD Trim Bezel (Bezel Only if Cracked)
  • Cracked LCD (must be cracked, all other video problems do not apply)
  • Cracked Palmrest/Touchpad
  • Cracked LCD Back Plastic
  • Cracked Base Plastic
  • Hard Drive (installed into caddy, and inserted in system ONLY, no software installation)
  • Clone Old Hard Drive to New Hard Drive (cannot copy bad hard drives, or hard drives with any bad sectors)
  • Ripped LCD Cable (Cable must have a visible rip)
  • CPU Fan (only if noisy)
Dell Laptop Parts and Upgrades
Cost $50 Flat Rate Labor (plus parts & shipping)

Dell Notebook CPU InstallOur Dell parts upgrade service is designed to keep your Dell laptop up to date with these fast times. This service will install upgrade parts as needed. Does your laptop need to be repaired, see Diagnose & Repairs Services.

We have listed some examples of a general part upgrade:

  • CPU / Processor Upgrade
  • Video Card Upgrade (including driver install)
  • Dell notebook RAM Memory Upgrade
  • Mini-PCI Wireless Card (including driver install)
  • Express Card (including driver install)
  • PCMCIA Wireless (including driver install)
  • Network Card (including driver install)
  • Modem Card (including driver install)
  • Bluetooth Module (including driver install)
  • Fixed Bay optical Drive (CDROM, DVD, DVDRW, CDRW burner drive install)

Services Included with all Dell laptop repairs performed:

firmware and hard updates
Hardware Updates
We provide your laptop's firmware with the necessary hardware updates (BIOS Flashes) to ensure your hardware is up-to-date.

cleaning your dell laptop
Dust and Debris removal
Part of our service is to clean and dust the laptop inside and out.

Pricing and Information
Laptop Repair Services

How it works? >>
1) Fill out the online Laptop Repair Service Form
2) We will ship you a laptop box with a prepaid shipping label to ship it back to us.
3) A technician will diagnose and repair your problem within 5 business days.
4) We take a credit card payment over the phone once the repair is completed
5) Laptop is shipped back to you and tracking number emailed to you.

We Specialize Exclusively in Dell Laptop Repair
One (1) Year Limited Warranty on Parts and Labor
250,000+ Genuine Dell Laptop Parts In Stock
Every Repair is Completed within Days not Weeks
More than 200,000 satisfied Customers & Counting
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Cost $100 Flat Rate Labor
(plus parts & shipping)