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Dell Laptop Install & Upgrade Services

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Dell laptop memory RAM install upgrade

General Laptop Part Installation

Cost $50 Flat Rate Labor (plus parts & shipping)

Our general part installation service offers a cost-effective solution for installing parts purchased from our company. This service is specifically designed for parts that are visibly damaged and require replacement. It is important to note that this service focuses on the installation of parts and does not encompass comprehensive repair work.

  • Keyboard Replacement: If keys are missing or not functioning, you might need a new keyboard.
  • Hinge Replacement: If the screen won't stay up, the hinges could be loose and require replacement.
  • Bay Latch Replacement: If the battery or CD drive won't stay in, it might be that the bay latch is broken and needs replacing.
  • LCD Latch Hook Replacement: If the LCD screen won't latch, the latch hook may be damaged and require replacement.
  • Power Button Plastic Replacement: If the power button is cracked, it might need to be replaced.
  • LCD Trim Bezel Replacement: If the bezel is cracked, you might need a new one.
  • LCD Screen Replacement: If the LCD is cracked, a new screen will be required. This doesn't cover other video problems.
  • Palmrest/Touchpad Replacement: If the palmrest or touchpad is cracked, you might need to replace it.
  • LCD Back Plastic Replacement: If the plastic on the back of the LCD is cracked, a replacement might be necessary.
  • Base Plastic Replacement: If the plastic base is cracked, a replacement could be required.
  • Hard Drive Replacement: If the hard drive is failing or not working properly, you may need a new one, installed into its caddy and inserted into the system, with no software installation provided.
  • Hard Drive Cloning: This service is available for transferring data from your old hard drive to a new one, assuming the old drive has no bad sectors or other issues.
  • LCD Cable Replacement: If the LCD cable has a visible rip, it might need to be replaced.
  • CPU Fan Replacement: If the CPU fan is noisy, it may be failing and require replacement.

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Dell laptop NVME SSD Hard Drive install upgrade

Dell Laptop Parts and Upgrades

Cost $50 Flat Rate Labor (plus parts & shipping)

Our Dell parts upgrade service is specifically tailored to ensure your Dell laptop remains up-to-date in this fast-paced era. With this service, we will expertly install upgrade parts as required to enhance your laptop's performance. For any repair needs, please refer to our Diagnose & Repairs Services for comprehensive solutions.

Here are some of the types of upgrades that can typically be made to Dell laptops. Note, however, that the specific upgrades available may depend on the model and year of your laptop.

  • RAM (Random Access Memory) Upgrade: This is one of the most common upgrades for a laptop. More RAM can improve the performance of your laptop, especially if you use memory-intensive applications or have many apps open at once.
  • Hard Drive or Solid-State Drive Upgrade: Upgrading your hard drive can give you more storage space. Upgrading to an SSD (if your laptop doesn't already have one) can significantly improve the speed and responsiveness of your laptop.
  • Battery Upgrade: If your laptop's battery life is becoming too short, you might be able to upgrade to a newer, more efficient battery.
  • Wi-Fi Card Upgrade: If you're having trouble with your laptop's Wi-Fi connection, upgrading the Wi-Fi card could potentially solve the problem and increase connection speed.
  • Graphics Card Upgrade: Depending on the model of your laptop, you may be able to upgrade the graphics card to improve performance for tasks like gaming or graphic design. Note that this is not possible on many laptops, as the GPU is often integrated and not user-upgradeable.
  • Processor (CPU) Upgrade: Upgrading the CPU can improve the speed and performance of your laptop. Like the graphics card, however, this is not possible on many laptops as the CPU is soldered onto the motherboard.
  • Keyboard and Trackpad Upgrade: Depending on the model, you may be able to upgrade the keyboard or trackpad for improved comfort and functionality.
  • Display Upgrade: Some high-end laptops may allow you to upgrade the display, for example to a higher resolution or faster refresh rate. This is not a common upgrade and often involves more complex replacement procedures.
  • Operating System Upgrade: While not a hardware upgrade, updating your laptop's operating system (e.g., to a newer version of Windows) can bring new features and performance improvements.

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Included With Your Dell Repair

firmware and hard updates
Hardware/Firmware Updates we prioritize keeping your laptop's hardware up-to-date by providing essential firmware updates, also known as BIOS flashes. These updates ensure that your hardware components are equipped with the latest advancements and optimizations.
cleaning your dell laptop
Dust and Debris removal As part of our service, we offer a meticulous cleaning process designed to remove dust and debris from both the interior and exterior of your laptop. We understand that accumulated dust can affect performance, hinder cooling efficiency, and potentially lead to hardware issues.
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