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Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair Service

Dell board level repair by Dell experts. Fix your systemboard for $200 bucks!

  • Trusted- We have a perfect A+ rating with the BBB and five star rating on Google & Yelp!
  • Affordable- Flat $200 Motherboard Repair fee (no hourly fee)
  • Fast- Most repairs completed within two business days .
  • Specialized- Dell Laptop Repair Experts for more than 20 years.
solding IC on Dell laptop Motherboard Repair

Board Level Dell Motherboard Repair

How much does it cost to repair a Dell motherboard?

Cost $200 Flat Rate Labor (plus shipping). This service will include 1 year warranty.
-- See Repair Pricing for more details

How do I know if my Dell laptop motherboard is bad?

The following are typical indicators of a faulty laptop motherboard that may suggest the need for repair or replacement.

  • Motherboard will not charge your battery: When the motherboard fails to charge the laptop's battery, it may indicate a power delivery issue.
  • Motherboard does not detect AC adapter or charger: If the motherboard is unable to recognize the connected AC adapter or charger, it can cause charging problems.
  • Motherboard has no power light and will not power on: When the motherboard shows no power light and fails to turn on, it suggests a potential power supply or motherboard issue.
  • Motherboard tries to power on but turns back off: If the motherboard briefly attempts to power on but then shuts off, it may be due to hardware or power-related issues.
  • Motherboard has broken or ripped connectors: Broken or damaged connectors on the motherboard can lead to connectivity problems or failure to properly interface with other components.
  • USB port repair: Repairing malfunctioning or damaged USB ports on the motherboard can restore proper functionality for connecting USB devices.
  • Damaged DC Jack port: When the DC Jack port on the motherboard is physically damaged, it can hinder the laptop's power supply and charging.
  • Burning smell: Detecting a burning smell from the motherboard indicates potential overheating or component failure.
  • Motherboard has water damage: Water damage to the motherboard can cause corrosion and short circuits, leading to erratic behavior or complete failure.
  • IC chip repair/replacement: IC (Integrated Circuit) chip repair or replacement on the motherboard may be necessary when specific chips are faulty or damaged.

Dell laptop repair front

How to repair a Dell motherboard?

  1. Diagnosis: A thorough diagnosis is essential to identify the specific problem affecting the motherboard. i.e. power issues, short circuits, broken connectors.
  2. Component Replacement: Once the problem is identified, faulty components such as capacitors, resistors, or integrated circuits may need to be replaced.
  3. System Testing: After any repairs or updates are performed, thorough testing is necessary to ensure the motherboard functions properly.

Can you repair a laptop motherboard?

Repairing a Dell laptop motherboard requires specialized skills, knowledge, and equipment. Fixing a notebook motherboard that has intricate electronic components requires delicate soldering work, and makes it a complex task that may be challenging for individuals without experience in electronics repair. We have been repairing Dell laptops for more than 20 years.

What if my motherboard is unrepairable?

We will attempt to repair your logic-board using our 20 years of Dell laptop knowledge and utilizing specialized equipment.However, in the event that the mainboard is deemed unrepairable, we will only charge a $30 diagnosis fee along with a $20 charge for return shipping.

Common Reasons for Un-repairable Dell Laptop Motherboards:

  • If the integrated CPU processor has failed, the system board cannot be repaired.
  • If the integrated GPU (Video Graphics Card) has failed, the system board cannot be repaired.
  • If the motherboard's SMC (System Management Controller) has failed, the system board cannot be repaired.
  • If there is an internal short in the layers of the circuit board, the system board cannot be repaired.

Get Your Dell Motherboard Repaired

Included With Your Dell Repair

firmware and hard updates
Hardware/Firmware Updates we prioritize keeping your laptop's hardware up-to-date by providing essential firmware updates, also known as BIOS flashes. These updates ensure that your hardware components are equipped with the latest advancements and optimizations.
cleaning your dell laptop
Dust and Debris removal As part of our service, we offer a meticulous cleaning process designed to remove dust and debris from both the interior and exterior of your laptop. We understand that accumulated dust can affect performance, hinder cooling efficiency, and potentially lead to hardware issues.
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  • 5) Laptop is shipped back to you and tracking number emailed to you.
  • Cost $100 Flat Rate Labor
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