An Altoids Tin Gaming Console Gone Wireless With the Raspberry Pi Zero W

What is with the Raspberry Pi lately? It’s been all over the place, mainly because of extra recognition here and there, considering all the makers and enthusiasts who have been building their own gaming consoles and computers out of the teensy Pi motherboards. Just recently, the Raz Pi Lego Mac replica was made, and it was quite the interesting tale to read about. Now, check out the cutest, probably most innovative Pi computer I’ve ever seen, so far (it’s become a competitive world out there). The Altoids can has morphed. As soon as you realize there’s a teensy computer in it, your mind explodes. Yeah! That’s a new kind of Altoid! Developed by recreational inventor and pretty brilliant YouTuber “Sudomod”, this can, once used for mints has become the home of a DIY handheld console.

Interesting, isn’t it? The quirky gadget, which happens to be on its second iteration, is dubbed “mintyPi”. The version 2.0 of this adorable little gaming console uses 3D-printed parts to improve the design and make it easier to manipulate (as an example, the hinge has been improved to keep the the screen open while playing). The new iteration, mintyPi 2.0, uses the wireless version of the Raspberry Pi Zero, the Pi Zero W, which allows the little Altoids tin to connect to the web. It also features an integrated LCD screen, customized 3D printed bezels, better audio DAC, a USB sound card (a lovely replacement from its previous PWM audio) and a simple controller with only a few buttons.

A pretty beautiful upgrade over the earlier generation, the software inside this retro Altoids video game machine is called RetroPie. RetroPie allows gamers to emulate any retro console game they want. For example, a mintyPi 2.0 unit Sudomod created was shown running The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, a quite retro game released way back when Super Nintendo was out in 1992. Any user wanting to emulate games, and I can tell you this is a thing gamers love to do now given the opportunity, the Altoid tin console creator has offered to put up a guide over the coming weeks to help others create their own mini video game emulator. If not for this particular machine, the possibilities are pretty much endless when you put a Raz Pi in the mix. Imagine a little gaming console this size with its own microphone and online software for gaming online with your friends?

So, taking a second stab at this tiny inventive gadget was well worth it, as the improvements Sudomod applied have all been just enough to complete mintyPi 2.0’s worth. The true winner here has to be the Raspberry Pi Zero W, the latest version of the mini Pi computers, but with built-in WLAN capabilities. Also, building the gadget via 3D printed parts, rather than the first iterations design, has made for a more comfortable and easy-on-the-eyes platform.

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