A New External GPU for HP’s Omen Desktop Gaming PC Supports up to 300W

Recently, HP unveiled its Omen gaming PC, a complete laptop said to ship with an AMD Vega 10 graphics card and configured with either one or two GTX 1080 chips in SLI, or RX 480/580 in CrossFire. At the same … Continue reading


Dell’s New Advanced 4K Laser Projector Has an Ultra-Throw of 4 Inches, up to 130-inch Display

Imagine using a desktop, you know, the whole shebang: the keyboard, dock, mouse, etc., without the right desktop monitor? Having more than an “okay” desktop monitor is sometimes overlooked as an important part of completing the full setup. How this … Continue reading


IBM Creators Take the Stand in Upping Battery Life, Performance With Future 5nm Silicon Chips

Back in 2015, IBM unveiled a 7nm process in manufacturing smaller, faster processors. An interesting move for IBM, or in the very least, a highly impressive one. Intel has always ruled in this area. The tech giant is of course … Continue reading


The 2017 MacBook Is Official in Its Specs and Release Date, How Different Is It?

The Worldwide Developers Conference, held in San Jose, California ended on June 9th. This event is known to be an opportunity to physically express where technology intersects with the liberal arts, as well as the humanities. From it, new creative … Continue reading


The Revamped, “Fighter-Jet”-Inspired HP Omen Gaming Laptops

The ever-growing era of virtual reality is upon us, making it more and more crucial that developers of processors, graphics cards, and on-the-go gaming rigs stay on their toes and evolving. HP made it clear that they plan to be … Continue reading


The Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC Is an Eight-Core Beast, First Ever to Be Powered by Ryzen

Asus is one powerful gaming PC company. There’s nothing that could be considered “blah” by Asus. The Chromebook I’m typing on right now is built by Asus, and I have to say I do appreciate its all-day battery life and … Continue reading


Why the Crowd-Developed Eve V Might Be Even Better Than the Surface Pro

By now, we have all been made well aware of Microsoft’s reasoning for not including a USB-C port on their Surface line. According to the computing giant, this multi-functional port simply does not yet have the mainstream appeal to garner … Continue reading


Acer’s Nitro 5 is an Entry-Level, Solid Gaming Laptop

Acer is on a roll lately. From its latest Predator Triton gaming notebook, to a new 27-inch HDR curved monitor, the gaming company has now come up with an on-a-budget gaming laptop. Taking at look at the Nitro 5 hands-on, … Continue reading


Dell Selling First Inspiron Desktop Gaming Rig for $600?

One of Dell’s most notable line of laptops, it’s Inspiron series, has done something different lately by sizing up to desktop monitor status. At the same time, the tech giant is trying to offer gaming devices without such large price … Continue reading


An Upgradeable, Customizable All-In-One: The Dell Inspiron 27 7000

The past year has been a pretty big one for all-in-one computing systems, and Dell just announced their own big upgrade to the AIO world. While many people may think an all-AMD AIO is a strange direction to go in, … Continue reading


Huawei Designs the Matebook X to Get Right in the Apple MacBook’s Face

Wait, another stab at an Apple device from yet another company? Yep. How could you possibly blame the countless competition from working their way into the hands of, well, you? So many tech companies are spinning their own work to … Continue reading


Mercedes-Benz Goes All out With a Special Edition VAIO Z Laptop, Featuring Car Engine Noises

Mercedes-Benz, yes that’s most definitely a car company, a car company so utterly luxurious most new models need no key to boot up, or a phone to pull out in order to utilize any navigation tools or web. These are … Continue reading


The New Surface Pro, Beautifully Crafted, Fastest, and Longest Lasting Model yet

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5- it’s been a long and highly anticipated launch, but now it’s not just speculation after speculation anymore. The specs and sales date of Microsoft’s newest Surface Model have finally arrived. Is it just me, or … Continue reading


HP Makes Some Appealing Updates to Their Envy Laptop Line

There was a time in recent years when Apple was the company to beat. Be it smartphones, laptops, tablets or accessories, Apple was always just a little ahead of everyone else. But lately, it seems like they’ve been slacking. In … Continue reading


A Collaboration Canvas, Reinvented for the Cloud, Jamboard Is the Latest From Google

Who can argue with the fact that Google is one company that never stays still; it’s one that’s always changing, always morphing, and becoming larger. So, in comes something incredibly new- the Google Jamboard. No, it’s not the latest in … Continue reading