Ultra Cheap VivoBook W202 is the First Laptop With Windows 10 S From Asus

What we know about Windows 10 S tells us that it’s more or less Microsoft’s answer to Chrome, for simplifying Windows for lower-end laptop hardware and models. The education sector is prone to needing the affordable, hopefully durable, lower-end laptops. … Continue reading


“Chuwi Is on Fire!”: The Chuwi LapBook Air Is Proving Their Perseverance to Make It in America

I wouldn’t go as far to say that Apple has been too lazy to update the MacBook Air. You never really know what to expect next from that company. However, there is an up-and-coming Chinese clone in the works, with … Continue reading


The Professional Toshiba Portege x30 Boasts More Battery Life Than You’d Believe

Want an all-day kind of battery life when it comes to your computing needs? I really haven’t been hearing that many options for laptops such as these, lately. Laptops are trying to be everything. They’re trying to be game-ready, video … Continue reading


Asus’s ROG STRIX GL553 Gaming Laptop Delivers its Own Power on a Budget

Under its Republic of Gamers (ROG) series, Taiwanese-based gaming tech giant, Asus, wanted to participate in 2017’s fresh new breed of sub $1,000 gaming laptops by launching its own prize piece at CES earlier this year. Asus was proud to … Continue reading


Acer’s Rugged New Back-To-School Chromebooks Launch With 13-Hour Battery Life and Great Prices

Nothing says back-to-school more than great deals, and fresh new products to be shown off, and of course, utilized. Cut to the chase, nothing truly says back-to-school more than a great new laptop, and in this case it’s the Acer … Continue reading


Asus’s E200HA Vivobook is an Extremely Affordable, Slim & Light Windows Notebook

It’s really not that big of a deal to say that Asus has come out with another slim and sleek notebook. In fact, it’s not that crazy to hear descriptive words such as affordable, good keyboard, attractive design, and decent … Continue reading


HP Launches Some Refreshing AIOs For Business (Not So Much Creative) Users, Stunning Display

HP has refreshed its Pavilion AIO (All-in-One) PCs, with new and bigger panels, and fancier LCD screen options. Also on point are their new micro-edge displays, which for desktop PCs, make them ultimately bezel-less and fancier-looking than ever. Although these … Continue reading


The Daring New 10.5-Inch Apple iPad Wants to Aid in the Tablet Population Decline

Not only is the new Apple iPad a bigger size, it also sports a thinner LCD trim bezel than ever, which gives it more gain in the tablet market. More gain? How could the iPad possibly become even more popular … Continue reading


Could Lenovo’s Tablet That Folds Into a Smartphone Become the New Norm?

“Bezel-less”, “sleek”, “thinnest”, “world’s first”: these are all incredibly popular terms in the mobile device and PC market. Those who create gadgets have the intention to follow the trend, making their devices thinner, all the while creating the biggest displays … Continue reading


The Dell Latitude 7285 Is the World’s First Wireless Charging Laptop, With Multiple Keyboard Options

Just this month, Dell announced the arrival of a new member of its premium business-inspired Latitude line, one claimed as the very first wirelessly charged laptop. Yet, we must not forget, the Latitude name doesn’t always mean sleek and thin, … Continue reading


The HP Spectre X2 Is One Classy, Updated 2-In-1 Hybrid With Comparable Value to the Surface Pro

Yikes. Another 2-in-1 that wants to go against the almighty Microsoft Surface Pro, a one-of-a-kind Windows 10 device that has been the front-runner hybrid laptop across the board. The day this device came into the world other folks were trying … Continue reading


Huawei’s MateBook E Is a Nice Rendition Hoping to Make Better Over the Original

Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company Huawei, is probably more of a huge deal than the average consumer may think. This is the single largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, an area where Ericsson held the … Continue reading


The Asus ROG GX800VH Is the World’s Fastest Gaming Laptop? And Liquid Cooled?

Is this the most ludicrous notion ever? Is a liquid-cooling system for a gaming laptop something that sounds cool, but is utterly unnecessary? Well, that is one important question because yes, once you know what liquid cooling can accomplish, this … Continue reading


Lenovo’s Legion Y520 Invites Itself Into the Booming Gaming Laptop Market

If you haven’t noticed, the gaming laptop market is pretty much booming with business right now. It’s actually amazing how great things have been going for a plethora of gaming companies as of late. Take business PCs as an opposing … Continue reading


Gigabyte’s Aero 15 Report Card: A Powerful Gaming Laptop That’s Nearly Perfect

We’re used to the somewhat perfect gaming laptop meaning something has to be sacrificed to make it that way, and it makes sense. You cannot have the thinnest notebook in the world, and have it run with a huge, long-lasting … Continue reading