Lenovo Flex 5 (Yoga 520), a 15-inch, Stylish 2-in-1 With Vibrant Display and Power to Match

Starting at just $699, anything in this price range is going to be interesting to review. With a name like Lenovo, it’s refreshing to see its Flex 5 Series come into its own a bit more this year, with updated … Continue reading


Dell Latitude 13 7380, a Great Windows-Running Business Notebook Starting at $1199

One of Dell’s latest Latitude models is the 13-inch 7380, a professional laptop with great portability, and a barely-there LCD trim bezel on each side. Added to that is a striking and colorful display, a zippy SSD, and a 7th … Continue reading


HP ZBook X2, Is It the Most Powerful Detachable Tablet? Is It Perfect for Artists?

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Clevo’s P870TM Is Company’s First Gaming Notebook With Intel’s Coffee Lake-S

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HP’s Envy X360 15t Features an Attractive, Responsive Design, & Multi-Mode Functionality

When it comes to convertibles, stylish design is one thing, the other is always performance; when combined, you chime in on the cost, along with display and battery, and voila, you can decide if a laptop purchase is worth it … Continue reading


Origin’s Lightweight NT-15 Quadro Has Fantastic Video Editing Power

There’s something great about today’s laptops, they are just becoming so ultimately powerful when it comes to graphics. So many companies have been focusing on the professional side of graphics, and many companies have made their very own (and very … Continue reading


Why Is the Surface Book 2 Being Called the Most Powerful Laptop Ever

You know that term, second time’s a charm? Yes it can be a saying, if something gets so good the second time around, you couldn’t imagine what it’s going to be like in the future. This thought kind of goes … Continue reading


Getting to Know the ThinkPad X270 From Lenovo, Very Much Updated With New CPUs and Precision Trackpads

When talking about the Lenovo ThinkPad X-series of notebooks, Lenovo has continued to thrive its business by taking care of two important factors. These factors, portability and durability, are only two of the reasons Lenovo has taken some big steps … Continue reading


Lenovo Wants to Sell Its IdeaPad 710S by Pushing Both Power and Professionalism

For a thin and light Lenovo ultraportable laptop, the IdeaPad 710S packs a lot for $799. Not only is its sleek, small 13-inch body nice to carry around, but it packs a lovely, vivid display, something that actually becomes noticeably … Continue reading


The Chromebook X360 11 Education Edition, the Latest Option for Schools From HP

There’s a lot of laptops in schools these days. From elementary to college campuses, the web’s incredible tools for students to do sufficient research, document processing, as well as web/display-enabled presentations has only helped the school sector. The relationship betweens … Continue reading


Lenovo ThinkCentre M910Z All-In-One, It’s Well-Made and Great for Business

At just $809 to start, this new all-in-one (AIO) PC scored great benchmark rankings as a perfect workplace machine, custom built with business-friendly features and a variety of configurations for any consumer’s needs. Not only that, but the ThinkCentre M910Z … Continue reading


Acer’s Latest Nvidia Max-Q Laptop, the Predator Triton 700, Pushes Performance Boundaries

After its announcement back in April, Acer has been proud of its latest on-the-go gaming laptop, built with a sleek, frosty looking chassis, and measuring just 18.9mm thick (which is a highly competitive size in gaming rigs today). Similar in … Continue reading


Acer Has a Newest Chrome OS Laptop, the Chromebook 15 CB515, Is About to Ship

Acer has revealed a new Chromebook 15, and with most Chromebook LCD screen displays measuring around 11-13 inches, a 15-inch model is rather rare. It was at the IFA event in Berlin, that Acer first announced its new product. Although … Continue reading


The Rise of Linux, Manjaro’s New Laptop, Spitfire, Customized by Station X

What is the Manjaro brand? The name doesn’t appear in the world of tech like most other brands like Dell, Lenovo, or even Xiaomi these days. Dubbed as either Manjaro Linux, or simply Manjaro, the name refers to an open … Continue reading


HP Has a New EliteBook x360 1020 G2 Convertible to Show off

HP’s EliteBook model now has some new options, and it’s not only the nicer, quad-core CPU inside. Speaking of that, there’s a lot of attention towards Intel lately, as the newest Intel chips are getting into some good notebooks. The … Continue reading