The Chuwi SurBook Is Here to Take on the Surface Pro via Crowdfunding

Willing to pay a little extra to get everything you want when it comes to one of those perfectly sleek and stylish 2-in-1 notebooks? You know, those hip, detachable, delicately designed and developed hybrids? Somehow, these guys are pulling off … Continue reading


Asus Makes Waves in the Crazy Ultra-Thin Gaming Laptop Market With the ROG Zephryus

So many insanely new and improved gaming machines have been unveiled a couple weeks back during this year’s Computex show in Taipei. Since then, we’ve seen more of the fight for the greatest, and thinnest (a newly vital and important … Continue reading


The 2017 MacBook Is Official in Its Specs and Release Date, How Different Is It?

The Worldwide Developers Conference, held in San Jose, California ended on June 9th. This event is known to be an opportunity to physically express where technology intersects with the liberal arts, as well as the humanities. From it, new creative … Continue reading


The Revamped, “Fighter-Jet”-Inspired HP Omen Gaming Laptops

The ever-growing era of virtual reality is upon us, making it more and more crucial that developers of processors, graphics cards, and on-the-go gaming rigs stay on their toes and evolving. HP made it clear that they plan to be … Continue reading


The Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC Is an Eight-Core Beast, First Ever to Be Powered by Ryzen

Asus is one powerful gaming PC company. There’s nothing that could be considered “blah” by Asus. The Chromebook I’m typing on right now is built by Asus, and I have to say I do appreciate its all-day battery life and … Continue reading


Acer’s Nitro 5 is an Entry-Level, Solid Gaming Laptop

Acer is on a roll lately. From its latest Predator Triton gaming notebook, to a new 27-inch HDR curved monitor, the gaming company has now come up with an on-a-budget gaming laptop. Taking at look at the Nitro 5 hands-on, … Continue reading


Huawei Designs the Matebook X to Get Right in the Apple MacBook’s Face

Wait, another stab at an Apple device from yet another company? Yep. How could you possibly blame the countless competition from working their way into the hands of, well, you? So many tech companies are spinning their own work to … Continue reading


The Xiaomi Air 12 Laptop Is a Contender to the Apple MacBook, but Somehow Super Cheap

We have definitely all heard of Xiaomi by now, yes? I remember first writing about the Chinese tech company about 3 years ago, and felt an instinct that their products and accessories were going to do well in the States. … Continue reading


Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Is Primed to Take on Apple’s Macbook

After years of revolutionizing the hybrid world, Microsoft is taking a step back and setting their sights on a far more basic task – the inundated world of plain-old shell laptops. There are no tricks, it relies on no gimmicks. … Continue reading


Asus Came out With a Premium Looking Chromebook, the Flip C302CA, for $499

I love comparing Chromebooks, but even more fun is talking about a new 2-in-1 Chromebook, dubbed the Chromebook Flip C302CA by Asus. A lot of devices from Asus this past month, as the company is really working at providing enough … Continue reading


The Asus F556UA Is High on Power, Lower on Res, Nevertheless Worth Taking a Gander At

 Laptop shopping today. It’s a comparable shopping experience to, say, finding the right pair of shoes. We pretty much know the protocol when we’re shopping right? It’s either this in fashion or that in fashion, then there’s finding the right … Continue reading


Orion Laptop: One Which Should Fulfill a Linux-Lover? Perhaps Even Holding a N Apple MacBook Resemblance?

So what makes a laptop better than all the laptops you see fly off the shelves? Hard to say, as competition has “gotten real” (the kids say that). When it comes to the choice of what new laptop a consumer … Continue reading


Acer Aspire’s E-15 Model is One Epic Deal In Tech Right Now

What’s wrong with the Acer Aspire E-15 model? Nothing really, it happens to be pretty much typical of most Windows laptops these days. I mean if there is one to specifically compare this laptop to it would be Toshiba C55-C, … Continue reading


Panasonic’s Toughbook CF-33 Is the Most Rugged 2-In-1 You Can Buy

While many of the big tech firms out there try to expand into VR, AR, and AI (oh my!), Panasonic seems to have found a niche market, and is sticking with it. The electronics giant, who has made a name … Continue reading


The $249 Linux Litebook Wants You to Forget About That Chromebook Equivalent

The Litebook, what is it and why has it been all over laptop news this week? Well, the Litebook is a self-acclaimed “revitalizing” new laptop, entering the market at the perfect time for a- those who appreciate an affordable notebook … Continue reading