Why Is the Surface Book 2 Being Called the Most Powerful Laptop Ever

You know that term, second time’s a charm? Yes it can be a saying, if something gets so good the second time around, you couldn’t imagine what it’s going to be like in the future. This thought kind of goes … Continue reading


The New Surface Pro, Beautifully Crafted, Fastest, and Longest Lasting Model yet

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5- it’s been a long and highly anticipated launch, but now it’s not just speculation after speculation anymore. The specs and sales date of Microsoft’s newest Surface Model have finally arrived. Is it just me, or … Continue reading


HP’s New Elite X2 Is the Closest You’re Going to Get to That Surface pro 5 That Isn’t Happening

I know, I know. We’ve all been waiting for the follow-up to Microsoft’s wildly popular Surface Pro 4 since just after its release back in 2015. And to be fair, for anyone besides Apple, 18 months is a long time … Continue reading


Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Is Primed to Take on Apple’s Macbook

After years of revolutionizing the hybrid world, Microsoft is taking a step back and setting their sights on a far more basic task – the inundated world of plain-old shell laptops. There are no tricks, it relies on no gimmicks. … Continue reading


The Latest From Microsoft Focuses on Simple-As-A-Slide Power Management and eBook Store Updates

Just this past week, Microsoft began the run of its new Windows 10 preview build. This one, dubbed build 15014, following build 15007, will be tested on participants in the Windows Insider Program. The new OS features should allow users … Continue reading


The Rumored Information on the Surface pro 5, If True, We Can Pretty Much Count on It Being Great

Everyone has to remember the Microsoft Surface Pro ads from television. From the Surface Pro 2 ad, showing off the brand new kickstand, and the new pen, to the later gen commercials, usually with the Microsoft device sitting next to … Continue reading


The Top Tech Gifts for Christmas 2016

We all have that one person in our life that is simply impossible to buy for. The guy that has everything, the woman we want to impress, the kid whose interests change faster than the weather in Texas. To help … Continue reading


The Surface Book 2 Rumors Include More Ports and Battery Life for a Healthy Improvement

The 2015 Surface Book had its pros and cons, but it was a good model machine. Everyone really really dug it! Although based on rumors for right now, quite a similar report has been fashioned for the 2016 Surface Book … Continue reading


The New Surface Book With Performance Base Ups the Graphics, Amazing 16 Hours of Battery Life

We couldn’t believe it when Microsoft introduced its first ever laptop last year. The Surface Book, in all its anticipated and ultimate 2-in-1 notebook-ness (forgive the grammar, kids say the darndest things these days), was literally a hit. It featured … Continue reading


Microsoft Will Give You a Free Dell Laptop if Your Device Won’t Update

Has everyone upgraded to Windows 10 yet? There’s no reason you shouldn’t be, it’s been free to download for months. But, that is about to end, and Microsoft released OS prices a while back saying that Windows 10 Pro would … Continue reading


Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Webcam, and You Should Too

Excuse me while I get personal, here, but we’re one of those households that ex-ed our Xbox One’s Kinect camera. We sold it. We didn’t want anything to do with it. We had a good time using it for Fruit … Continue reading


“Chromebook” Your Old Laptop With Neverware’s CloudReady Software

Instead of typing on the Chromebook I have today, could I have just transformed my old Dell laptop into Chrome-capable computer? No way. I thought, and I am sure I’m not alone in this, that when we have an old … Continue reading


Vaio Gains Attention With Its Latest – the $1,800 Z Flip Convertible Laptop

Vaio. Who are they? Weren’t they a part of Sony (they were, but Sony sold them), and am I right by saying we haven’t heard much from Vaio since the two split? Whether you remember it or not, Sony made … Continue reading


The Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Incremental Changes, Still Good for Small Workloads

Microsoft is already on its Surface Pro 4? Why so many iterations of the same thing? I guess the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, doesn’t account well here. The only reason why I would think Microsoft would … Continue reading


Microsoft’s Brand New Surface Book Is Not Just Another Hybrid Laptop

If I were a laptop, and there was one laptop I would try to live up to, it would be the Apple MacBook. Laptop “envy” is what it’s called, actually, and I’m not the only one who has it. Most … Continue reading