The Rumored Information on the Surface pro 5, If True, We Can Pretty Much Count on It Being Great

MicrosoftSurfacePro5Everyone has to remember the Microsoft Surface Pro ads from television. From the Surface Pro 2 ad, showing off the brand new kickstand, and the new pen, to the later gen commercials, usually with the Microsoft device sitting next to a MacBook and pointing out some seriously competitive features (yes, Microsoft had to take the anti-Apple road). Microsoft has been very steadily releasing its Surface Pro laptops since the original, but did not release a 2015 version (some suggest the company’s focus on its cloud services has been a strong focus). As one of the highest rated tech devices on the market, the Surface Pro 4 (2015) has been sufficient for consumers, to say the least. The hybrid laptop came to the world with a plethora of appeal, and you better believe the 2017 model is already highly anticipated. Said to come with more RAM, more storage, and a better processor, Microsoft waited just the right amount of time, just until better technology stepped on its front door, to give us another Surface Pro model.

MicrosoftSurfacePro5-2The Surface Pro is certainly an individual, a special type of hybrid laptop with so many features for the graphic designer, writer or serious executive workhorse. It’s built to do all these things because, it itself is a workhorse, and you can thank Microsoft’s Windows’ strong business legacy for that. Always fit with top-of-the-line specifications, the Pro 5 is going for the “no-compromise” hardware approach, with Intel’s latest Kaby Lake Core i7 chips, which are the best of the best at the moment (which is technically a rumor right now, but most other companies are following suit). Also maintaining this avant-garde approach, reports from BGR and The BitBag both conclude that during its Spring 2017 release, we can expect 512GB of storage, up to 16GB of RAM, Thunderbolt 3, and a USB Type-C port. Most of these tips stem from knowing just how the Surface Pro likes to draw swords with its Apple rival. It seems to add anything the MacBook Air does not have, and may even be straight up competing with the MacBook Pro now, as well.

MicrosoftSurfacePro5-3Too bad we don’t have all the details yet. Still, just because nothing is confirmed just yet, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect the 2-in-1 laptops to have better displays, as well as a possible fingerprint scanner embedded on the screen. Windows 10 Redstone will run out of the box, and by utilizing those Kaby chips, be more powerful than it’s ever been before. We might end up “really liking our Surface Pro 5”.

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