The Latest From Microsoft Focuses on Simple-As-A-Slide Power Management and eBook Store Updates

Just this past week, Microsoft began the run of its new Windows 10 preview build. This one, dubbed build 15014, following build 15007, will be tested on participants in the Windows Insider Program. The new OS features should allow users longer battery lives as well as better performance. Plus, there’s a brand new power slider option, which will be used by previewers by clicking or tapping on the main battery section of the taskbar. The intention of this easy-to-access slider bar is to eventually allow manual power adjustments, allowing the user to choose a temporary boost in battery, or a boost in performance.

Tuning your PC power settings to your individual liking would be a lovely option to take advantage of, particularly for anyone finding themselves away from power outlets now and again. Think about it. If you’re sitting at a Starbucks working on a spreadsheet of utmost priority, my thoughts are that you’d chose to use the power slider option to give yourself a boost in battery power, not performance. Of course, there’s going to be plenty of scenarios where suffering poorer performance in return for longer “on” time (and vice versa) could be a difficult decision to make. Consider a hardcore gamer playing his favorites on an airplane. Would he not prefer the best entertainment possible, supplied with the top-end CPU performance he’s used to being equipped with at home? Well, if not in cord’s reach of a power supply, he might not be able to get all that quality gaming in during his trip. Instead, he’ll have to opt for a longer time playing at a lower frame rate.

However, Microsoft says “not to worry” about making any decisions yet, because if you don’t see change after alternating the slider while using your update on Windows 10, it’s just because the feature “isn’t wired yet”. See, for now, the slider is in non-functioning mode, there only for early feedback received by the Windows Insiders testers. So you may be thinking, “what’s so great about the announcement alone?”. Well, naturally, this isn’t the only update that will belong to the latest Windows 10, as rumors from this past week also indicate an ebook revision. Via the Windows Store, and U.S. only for now, this new assembly of ebooks will be located on the Edge browser, where users may use a “seek bar”, and table of contents. There, users can drop in bookmarks, read any ebook offline, as well as utilize Cortana (also said to gain an update herself) to search for words or phrases, and even define them. Finally, we’ll also notice a nice evolution in options whilst using the ebooks, such as changing font, widening text spacing, and changing text size.

So “yay” for the new power slider being tested out, as this form of user interface will tremendously help uncomplicate power management. We should expect to see Microsoft’s finalized version ready for upload by this spring, however if you want to be one of the early testers, Windows Insider requests can be submitted on the company website.

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