The HP 2017 Pavilion and Pavilion x360 Notebooks Are Budget-Friendly, and Better Devices Than Ever

HP’s always been one to give us the “good” good. Well, for 2017, the tech giant has announced a laptop series where its users like it, in the low price range, all while being Pavillion (that’s automatically a good thing). … Continue reading


Dart-C Adapter – 4 Times Smaller Than What We’re Used to, so Leave That Brick at Home

Charging your laptop and keeping it charged, talk about a shared feeling of frustration among consumers. Battery life has become a huge part of consumer’s decisions in buying a laptop, steering them away- even if the hardware is incredible, and … Continue reading


HP’s New X360 Spectre 15 Is Discrete yet Svelte 2-In-1, Large and in Charge

As you may know, HP has redesigned its 15-inch Spectre X360, in part to sincerely, yet vigorously solicit itself into the hearts of consumers, once and for all. You see, HP is a fantastic multinational IT company, with huge leaps … Continue reading


HP’s ProBook x360: Expect This Rugged 2-In-1 to Excell in the Classroom

HP made a seriously rugged hybrid computer particularly for students and school use. When we say seriously rugged, we mean military standard certified, basically meaning it could take some hard hits, and we all know that kids can be rough … Continue reading


HP’s New Spectre x360 Is a Late Contender for Best Windows Laptop of 2016

Amid a slew of new VR technology, groundbreaking advancements in Artificial Intelligence, and automated cars dominating the headlines of nearly every major news outlet, 2016 has still arguably been the year of the laptop. We’ve seen some of the slimmest, … Continue reading


HP’s Tiny Z2 Mini Is the ‘World’s First Mini Workstation’

After several years without an upgrade or major overhaul to the Mac Mini, it is now approaching relic status the PC world. Major computing manufacturers, especially those serving primarily enterprise and business environments, have to constantly evolve to keep up … Continue reading


HP Has Updated Its ProBook 400 G4 Laptops, With 5 New Stylish Business Models

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a brand new HP laptop for under $500? Wouldn’t that be even more exciting if it came packed with Intel’s Kaby Lake processors? The updated devices, dubbed the HP ProBook 400 G4 Series, come … Continue reading


The HP Omen X Gaming PC Features Tri-Chambers, High Quality Components

HP is all about its Omen brand of gaming PCs. It started the brand earlier this year when it needed a little push in the PC gaming department. Using enough of its confidence to not run with the worldwide trend … Continue reading


HP Wants to Shield You and Your Laptop’s Well-Deserved Privacy with Sure View

There is no denying that some of the most important things about being in the technology era is not just getting things done, having fun, or whatever else you do on your computer (wink), but being careful in the privacy … Continue reading


The Super Competitively Priced Stream Laptops From HP Are Cloud-Friendly and Colorful

Dear HP, we’re always wondering what you’re doing. What will your next move be? Most of the time, in all honesty and full respect for you, where is your fire? For those of us wondering these same questions, at least … Continue reading


Overheating Issues Are Not a Thing of the Past, HP Issues Worldwide Warning to Laptop Owners

HP has been dealing with a big issue lately. Basically, if you have any HP laptop that’s a couple years old or more, you should be watching out for overheating. Typically, any aging laptop can begin overheating, and for a … Continue reading


HP Elitebook 1030, A Lovely Balance Between Lovely and Professional

The Elitebooks from HP are business-class notebooks, built with the lovely twist we like to call elegance, plus what the folks call “premium consumers design into a commercial-grade device”. At least that is what HP has been up to with … Continue reading


The Hp Elitebook Folio G1 is as MacBook as you Can Get

One thing we can say about Apple, is despite its being ahead of the curve for many years, other companies are finally catching up, finally designing the sleek build quality, crazy good display, and better battery life we’re searching for. … Continue reading


Here’s Your MacBook in the Form of Chrome- the HP Chromebook 13

HP made a brand new Chromebook, this time collaborating with Chrome OS god, Google. With the images of the new Chromebook 13 floating around the web, you may notice its prestige hinting a lot at the Apple MacBook Air in … Continue reading


HP Launches a Range of New Envy Devices, the Clamshell and Convertible x360s

HP must have been hitting it hard this past year (or however long it takes to build beautiful devices), because now, within days of announcing the slimmest laptop in the world, the Spectre 13.3, the tech giant has announced a … Continue reading