Dart-C Adapter – 4 Times Smaller Than What We’re Used to, so Leave That Brick at Home

Charging your laptop and keeping it charged, talk about a shared feeling of frustration among consumers. Battery life has become a huge part of consumer’s decisions in buying a laptop, steering them away- even if the hardware is incredible, and storage is suitable. Needless to say, an easy way to turn off a laptop user is if the device is prone to nerve-wracking battery draining. Luckily, many computer manufacturers have been working on not only slim and powerful machines, but those without needing that charging plug nearby at all times. I suppose it’s hard to admit it, because it may make us seem lazy, but hauling around a charger, whether it’s a large brick or just a long cord, isn’t always fun. Hence, as many consumers want the option of not having to haul around their chargers, solutions are quickly arriving.

Besides the lovely and fantastical notion of one day having a charger in the sky, like “cloud charging” (which of course defeats the laws of energy), the next best thing could be something dubbed the Dart-C adapter. Since it’s been around for quite a few months now, we know the Dart family of chargers as being dubbed as “the world’s smallest laptop charger”, after achieving great funding during its Kickstarter campaign last year. They then took a step into CES this year to show off just how handy dandy this thing is.

At 2.75 x 1.1 inches, this is one of the smallest charging ports around, and as the name implies, Dart-C works for USB-Type C enabled laptops. Since CES, we’re happy to report some lovely sales at FINsix.com, as well as other resellers since the beginning of this year. At a fraction of the size of a traditional 65W laptop charger (especially considering the size difference neck and neck with a MacBook brick charger), these are also 4x lighter. With the addition of DART-C, the family has expanded its reach of supported laptops, now including seriously popular names in the game (we previously reported Dart-C was compatible with 95 percent of the world’s laptops, but that number has changed a bit).

The cordless charger is compatible with most major laptops. You can check if Dart-C works with your laptop by entering the model into its website, also carrying 100-240V support to work anywhere around the world. So yes, this means you could leave that huge power brick at home, and enjoy typing away at a coffee shop with the convenience of Dart-C’s itsy size.

The company behind the charging gadget, FINsix, now guarantees compatibility with the latest and greatest laptops around, including Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro, the Dell XPS 13, the Lenovo ThinkPad 13, and Asus’s ZenBook 3. Dart-C is still available for the price of $99.99, on the company website, as well as other resellers.

While we gotta hand it to FINsix for making such a compact USB-C charger, the issue at hand is whether folks who (obviously) already have chargers for their devices, won’t feel too stoked about spending a hundred bucks on a third party solution. Additionally, plenty of laptop-matching chargers are more powerful. Take Apple’s MacBook Pro 15 for example, which contains 87 watts. In this case, and many others, Dart-C is less powerful, at 65 watts, as well as less budget-friendly than Apple’s $79 charger-price. The solution to the charger-hauling problem is worthy, and perhaps after a little bit of tweaking, should find a place in plenty of hands and handbags, sooner or later.

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