HP ZBook X2, Is It the Most Powerful Detachable Tablet? Is It Perfect for Artists?

Oh how the world is changing. There are many things to be thankful about during this rough, difficult time in our society. One thing that can never be taken away from humanity is our ability to express ourselves through art. HP has come up with a device that not only has a tag around it dubbing it the most powerful detachable PC out there, but one that has been designed for the most demanding of users. Creative artists, graphic designers and professionals are bound to construct some amazing work (or play) with the new ZBook X2, a hybrid tablet/laptop.

Calling it the most powerful detachable PC in the world right now is a huge statement, yes. As HP decided to launch its new hybrid tablet with keyboard attachment where it would fit in the most, at the Adobe Max, the company was able to show off just how well creative professionals fit into this caliber of device. Many folks who use Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator would usually be sitting at a workstation, or stuck at a desk. However, since this tablet has been built to cater to graphics editing on-the-go, it’s a considerable game-changer.

One thing right off the bat it it’s size, weighing 4.5 pounds (3.5 pounds for the tablet, and another pound or so for the keyboard attachment), remember what this thing is for. Because this is a device for artists, users require consistent movement, and with a weight like that, arms are going to get tired, probably way too fast. Built to meet durability standards, as well as pack in all the hulking performance this powerhouse is said to provide, weight was bound to be an issue. It’s advanced 14-inch 4K LCD screen is another thing that makes it special. Chemically treated to give it a grippier, matte texture (which may be part of its heft), the display also features anti-glare, strong color-calibration, and a rendering aptitude of 100 percent of the Adobe RGB color gamut.

As far as the “most accurate and expressive” stylus pen yet, HP teamed up with Wacom in order to design the digitizer with such skill. The pen, which recognizes 4,096 levels of pressure, understands your hands angle and tilt, even has a cute little virtual eraser at the top. More interesting technology here is the lack of Bluetooth, but the EMR, or Electromagnetic Resonance in the pen that allows it to operate without cords or a battery. All it is, is a simple magnetic field that sends out frequency picked up by the pen. Sounds pretty magical right?

Specs, for the starting price range of $1,749 include either 8th Gen quad-core CPUs, or 7th Gen dual-core CPUs. Graphics, which are obviously so important here, will include Nvidia’s Quadro M620, accompanied by 32GB of RAM, plus 2TB of storage. A good choice of ports include USB-A, HDMI, Thunderbolt 3, and an SD card slot. Battery life, estimately by HP, should last up to 10 hours, and recharge up to 50 percent in 30 minutes. Just to identify the magnitude of power here, and to make the title of the article seem more real, the ZBook X2 has twice the memory of any other detachable hybrid PC, not to mention its graphics deliver 73 percent better performance than say, a Surface Pro 4, or the Dell Precision 15 5510. These are some crazy specs, and despite the mention of heftiness, everything about this machine is tailored to meet

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