Dell Latitude 13 7380, a Great Windows-Running Business Notebook Starting at $1199

One of Dell’s latest Latitude models is the 13-inch 7380, a professional laptop with great portability, and a barely-there LCD trim bezel on each side. Added to that is a striking and colorful display, a zippy SSD, and a 7th gen Intel chip for some premium performance. These added benefits, though, come at a cost, easily increasing price quite a bit. Still, a business notebook of this caliber will provide great specs and a nice design, even at the lower configurations.

From first glance, it may be that the Dell Latitude 7380 is a bit plain and its design. It is true, this is a very simple and sturdy laptop, made from black carbon-fiber and aluminum, making it ultra durable (not to mention it meets MIL-STD 810G standards), while staying portable at just 2.7 pounds (incredibly comparable when you pick up the XPS 13 9360, yet a teensy bit lighter). This may not be considered the lightest ultraportable around, but it's still a few ounces lighter than the highly competitive MacBook Pro. The 13-inch display features InfinityEdge, as well as very narrow bezels, something the very trimmed Dell XPS 13 is quite known for.

However, this laptop was designed with a little bit more room at the top bezel, meaning the 7380 has enough room for a webcam to live (something the XPS 13 did not have room for). There are a few more similarities to the XPS 13, including a customizable screen, with options for either a non-touch 1080p display or a touchscreen QHD+ model. Additionally, that same 10 hour battery life that the XPS 13 promised (which turned out to be closer to 7-8 hours with variant uses of power) has also been assured in the 7380.

Pretty much every port a professional would need is included here. Along the edge, you’ll notice the Latitude 13 is powered by a USB Type-C port, but there’s still a regular USB port for other uses, and the option of a smartcard reader. Also included is a Thunderbolt 3 connector, HDMI out, and a charging port. Most other changes have been made to make this the business version of the best Windows laptop (featuring Windows 10 Pro 64-bit). For example, for added security, there is now a fingerprint reader for biometric logins. Both the health of the PC and the user’s secure data are kept inside Dell’s own ControlVault. Additionally, both the keyboard and trackpad have been simplified- meaning the keyboard has been enhanced to be more tactile, and there are now two navigations buttons living at the bottom of the unit.

This laptop has more or less been tweaked in a way to mimic all the wonderful qualities of the XPS 13, but with added improvements to cater to different kind of user. At the same time, the Dell Latitude 7380 is the simplest notebook, with the added perk of best-in-class durability, impressive power, all in a premium-designed package.

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