Intel’s Optane Memory Offers High-Octane Speed for Your PC at Under $100

The world has been eagerly awaiting the debut of 3D Xpoint memory technology since we first learned about it back in 2015. And it is finally here – sort of. Intel just announced their newest family of products, dubbed Intel … Continue reading


Kingston’s New 2TB USB Dubbed as “World’s Highest Capacity USB Flash Drive”, With a Pricetag to Prove it

First thing’s first, one of the many important things you look for in your everyday devices, a.k.a. your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, is of course how much space you have on them. Especially with the way we take photos and … Continue reading


Samsung 960 Evo, the New & Affordable M.2 SSD, Is Faster Than Ever

Right now, the Samsung SSD 850 Evo is top-of-the-charts when it comes to popular solid-state-drive (SSD) storage on the market. Arriving back around this time in 2014, it rated so high because it delivered fantastic performance with serviceable features, all … Continue reading


The AT-AT Multi Stand From Premium Bandai Is a Star Wars Fan’s Organizational Dream

September may be just a tad bit early to start thinking about Christmas presents, but it is also when some of the best upcoming products and gadgets start getting announced for gift season. This year, it seems, is shaping up … Continue reading


Storage Will Soon Be at an Atomic Level, Holding 500 Terabits of Data in a Square Inch

Cooler things are happening in the world of data storage, cooler and more innovative than you could even think possible. Yes, they’ve been getting smaller, more compact, and generally more energy efficient (a.k.a., both the use of space and speed … Continue reading


Facebook Is One Step Closer to Laser-Based Internet

When it comes to bringing internet to the masses, we’ve seen it all lately. Google has already begun testing on Project Loon, their balloon-powered internet endeavor. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is immersed in secret planning to bring a constellation of internet-broadcasting … Continue reading


Coming Soon: A 4TB Version of Samsung’s Best-Selling SSD

For home PC users looking to up their storage capacity, Samsung released some very good news for you this month. Oftentimes the decision to add more storage ends up with an unfavorable compromise; for the everyday user, at least. While … Continue reading


Samsung’s New Speedy UFS Cards will Suggest the MicroSD to “Step Aside”

Samsung is deciding to roll out some incredibly speedy UFS cards in effort to replace SSDs. What does this all mean? Well, it apparently means Samsung is the first brand ever to bring UFS cards to market, a.k.a. Universal Flash … Continue reading


NVIDIA’s SHIELD Android TV Update Is Something You Should Download Yesterday

You know of the NVIDIA Shield TV, correct? It’s an amazing Android-based set-top box for streaming both entertainment and gaming in your living room. Released May of 2015, it’s also the first device from NVIDIA to employ Android TV and … Continue reading


Samsung’s Latest Portable SSD T3 is a Sleek Next-Gen Answer to Managing Your Data

The tiny device before your eyes is Samsung’s latest solution to external solid state storage. Todd Lynton, Director of Business Solutions at Samsung Australia says, “Samsung is committed to innovation in portable storage, and have delivered an incredibly well designed … Continue reading


Samsung Becomes First to Usher in 10-Nanometer DRAM

Samsung has really made a name for itself in the world of dynamic RAM over the last decade. They were one of the first major tech firms to make the move to a 20-nanometer process back in 2014, and they … Continue reading


Dell Readies Their Enterprise PC’s for a Future in Virtual Reality

While VR may have started out as a novelty and gaming act, all trends currently point to it soon becoming a booming aspect of the enterprise workstation business. In fact, tech adviser Digi-Capital predicts that Virtual Reality will be a … Continue reading


“Chromebook” Your Old Laptop With Neverware’s CloudReady Software

Instead of typing on the Chromebook I have today, could I have just transformed my old Dell laptop into Chrome-capable computer? No way. I thought, and I am sure I’m not alone in this, that when we have an old … Continue reading


Samsung Announces 256GB Flash Memory for Smartphones

Bigger is always better in technology. Not so much when it comes to screen sizes or chunky batteries, but if we’re talking capacity and storage, bigger is ALWAYS better. Luckily, there are new advances in mobile devices, beyond the microSD … Continue reading


Low-Power, AI Functionality Could Soon Be Brought to our Mobile Devices

Neural networks, the invention of chips that can learn and think on their own, began back in the early days of AI research. Now referred to as “deep learning systems”, these neural networks are how Facebook is able to recognize … Continue reading