Coming Soon: A 4TB Version of Samsung’s Best-Selling SSD

Samsung4TbSsdFor home PC users looking to up their storage capacity, Samsung released some very good news for you this month.

Oftentimes the decision to add more storage ends up with an unfavorable compromise; for the everyday user, at least. While large server farms have easy access to capacious solid-state drives, the average consumer generally has to forego some of the speed or capacity offered by those enterprise-driven devices when outfitting their home PC. That is, until now. Samsung just introduced the newest version of their best-selling SSD, the 850 Evo. The latest addition to their solid-state drive family boasts a 4TB capacity, and a whopping four-figure price tag to match.

Samsung4TbSsd2While the 850 Evo is not the biggest SSD on the block, it does fill a gap in a somewhat niche market. According to Samsung, they are hoping that professionals such as video editors and gamers with extra money to burn will jump at the chance to get their hands on this high-capacity home option. Earlier this year, Samsung announced a 15.36TB SSD geared towards the enterprise market, which they claim is the largest in the world. So while the 850 Evo is by no means breaking any new ground, there is nonetheless a demand in specific home and small business markets for a speedier, higher-capacity SSD.

Samsung4TbSsd1The 850 Evo tops out at 540MB/s read and 520MB/s write speeds, which is pretty near the max of the SATA interface. For this particular SSD, Samsung has combined a 40nm process node with 48-layer vertical NAND (3D NAND) technology, which make for great performance results. Additionally, it is rated for 300 terabytes written. All in all, not bad specs for this speedy little 2.5-inch SSD – especially if you’re trying to avoid installing a second hard drive on your home PC just to accommodate your latest gaming addiction. But then again, there is that whopping price tag.

While the 850 Evo won’t officially become available until July 31st, the price is already listed on Amazon for those who want to start saving for it. For the low cost of $1,499.99, you can get your hands on this 4TB SSD, complete with a five-year warranty. Just to put that into perspective, 4TB HHDs currently sell for as little as $100 – making the 4TB SSD nearly fifteen times more expensive than its aging, magnetic brethren. Interestingly enough, Samsung’s 2TB model retails for less than $700; which makes the latest version seem a little more in line with the price and times. Just to add a little extra perspective, it wasn’t all that long ago that SSDs were going for $1 per GB; the 4TB 850 Evo comes out to just 37.5 cents per GB. So at least we’re moving swiftly in a more affordable, accessible direction when it comes to modern storage technology.

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