Samsung’s Latest Portable SSD T3 is a Sleek Next-Gen Answer to Managing Your Data

SamsungSsdT3The tiny device before your eyes is Samsung’s latest solution to external solid state storage. Todd Lynton, Director of Business Solutions at Samsung Australia says, “Samsung is committed to innovation in portable storage, and have delivered an incredibly well designed SSD solution that is market-leading in terms of form-factor, capacity and transfer speeds”. But, aren’t we a society that is growing more and more comfortable with storing our data in clouds marketed by Google, Amazon, DropBox, and countless others? We are, to an extent. There are plenty of folks, whether strictly professional, private, or just “paranoid”, who take value in having their personal data in their own hand or on their own desk, where they can physically see it.

There’s nothing wrong with that, and it gives life to portable SSDs, which let’s face it, are becoming more visually appealing than ever. This isn’t the first dive Samsung has made into this market, as the Portable SSD T1 with 1TB of capacity came out last year. However, according to Tom’s Hardware, customers found its small form-factor to be risky for forgetting, dropping, or crushing the thing. Samsung’s Portable SSD T3 is about the size of a pack of matches, just as last year’s iteration was, yet can hold up to 2TB of storage. The device is set to provide file transfers with read/write speeds of up to 450MB/s, using a USB 3.1 interface, said to be “up to four times faster than some alternative HDD solutions”, says Gizmodo.

SamsungSsdT3-1In efforts to mend the “I accidentally put my Portable SSD in the washing machine”, the new SSD T3 is twice as heavy, made with a metal housing, and secured with screws. It should be rigid enough to not sit on and crush, but I can’t say much for those who don’t check their pockets while doing their laundry. Four capacities are available, including 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB options. Included inside the SSD T3 is an mSATA SSD with firmware. This is the first product from Samsung to feature the upgraded flash technology using 48-layer V-NAND. There’s also a hardware-based encryption engine, AES 256-bit, to keep wandering eyes from logging in.

Priced at $130 to a scale-tipping $850 depending on the size you choose, nothing about this is cheaper than its predecessor, which topped at $599 for 1TB. Right away, you’ll find three files ready to go, 2 software packages- one for Windows and one for Mac OS, as well as a text document how-to on downloading Samsung’s Android software from the Google Play store, says Tom’s Hardware. Finally, it comes with a 3-year warranty, and Samsung guide to setting it up. Although a USB 3.0 Type-A-to-Type-C cable is included with the drive, you’ll have to shop online to find a cable to fit your Android phone or tablet. Overall, solid stage storage fans should love the fast, portable storage the Samsung SSD T3 has to offer, complete with a sleek, next-gen USB port compatibilities.

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