Samsung’s New Speedy UFS Cards will Suggest the MicroSD to “Step Aside”

SamsungUfsStorageCardsSamsung is deciding to roll out some incredibly speedy UFS cards in effort to replace SSDs. What does this all mean? Well, it apparently means Samsung is the first brand ever to bring UFS cards to market, a.k.a. Universal Flash Storage cards, cards that could mean some of the fastest, most spacious storage to date. Plus, the form-factor of these cards are surely next-gen, and who else to start the trend besides one of the most powerful tech companies out there?

SamsungUfsStorageCards1Samsung’s announcement of UFS means might mean the world to our mobile devices, our poor devices, that are in dire need of more spacious storage (admit it, you hate having to delete photos of your cats just to download new apps). UFS cards are compliant with the Universal Flash Storage Association (UFSA) certification program, which basically means its performance is desktop SATA SSD-ready. These SATAs sound great, and they are, but don’t offer backwards compatibility with current microSD devices. But just a second, what Samsung has here is both faster than SanDisk’s 200GB microSD from last year, and its very own 256GB microSD card, touted as “the world’s speediest” card just a week prior.

SamsungUfsStorageCards2Samsung’s latest storage solution comes at a wonderful time, as most consumers are using removable storage to back up their large amounts of data, not realizing their quantities wont fit on the faster internal storage options. UFS memory, however, will be perfect for a large variety of devices, like DSLRs, 3D VR cameras, drones, mobile devices, and countless other electronics, which need the high performance. Best part? It can match blazingly fast data transfer speeds of solid state drives. For example, Samsung’s sequential read speeds have been along the lines of 530Mb per second, that’s five times faster than SATA SSDs, you guys. All of this, just in the size of a little microSD. Yep, the size of this card is so tiny, it could match the length and width of one of your fingernails. Yet it still holds all that capability.

Thanks to the UFSA assessment of electrical and functional specifications, Samsung will actually be selling these things faster than you may have thought. Expensive will be the price, just in case you’re wondering. But when you’re dealing with something that will take about 10 seconds to read an entire 5GB HD movie, utilizing a random read rate 20 times faster than micro SDs (in the realm of 40,000 IOPS), you’d better expect pricing to be fitting to the UFS quality. What we do know is, once the devices do come out, variants of 32, 64, 128, and 256GB will be also be available.

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