Intel’s Optane Memory Offers High-Octane Speed for Your PC at Under $100

The world has been eagerly awaiting the debut of 3D Xpoint memory technology since we first learned about it back in 2015. And it is finally here – sort of. Intel just announced their newest family of products, dubbed Intel … Continue reading


Intel Took the Big VR, Rather, “Merged-Reality” Plunge With It’s Own Tetherless Headset!

Intel’s Developer Forum was in San Francisco this week, where the tech giant showed off some seriously next generation gadgetry that will go hand-in-hand for sure. Both items came a bit out of left field from Intel. But on the … Continue reading


Lenovo’s ThinkPad T460s Is a Winner For the Productive Worker

It’s durable, at the same time of maintaining a balance between design and productivity. Despite the immense variety in laptops, and the stress that can go along with having too many choices, there’s surely a reason for having options. The … Continue reading


From Skylake to Xeon, New Mobile Processors From Intel Are out

When a new set of faster mobile processors come out, particularly by well-known and adored Intel, there is reason to be excited. The new series of i7 Skylake quad-core chips will be pre-installed to notebooks as well as other mobile … Continue reading


Intel Refreshes Its Line of Compute Sticks with Intel Core M and Intel Atom

The Compute Stick from Intel is something we were talking about around this time last year. Who knew it would turn out to be one of the most popular PCs from the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s gotta be one of … Continue reading


Intel’s Skylake CPU Tackles High-Performance Gaming

As portable laptops and hybrid devices continue to hedge out the desktop PC market, tech firms are starting to realize what a giant chunk of the PC market is now taken up by gamers. Most smartphones and tablets can handle … Continue reading


Dell Forges New Roads into High-Performance Computing with the PowerEdge C6320

Tech giant Dell unveiled the latest addition to their 13th generation PowerEdge server portfolio this week in the form of the new PowerEdge C6320. The newest member of the PowerEdge family is designed to “push the boundaries of high-performance computing … Continue reading


Intel Could Be to Thank for the Resurrection of Thunderbolt 3

One of the best things to come from this year’s Computex was a rejuvenating move for Thunderbolt-equipped devices. Despite the peripheral-connectors being good, fast products for carrying and connecting data (created by Intel and Apple nonetheless), no one has ever … Continue reading


The Origin EON15-X Is a Gaming Laptop with Desktop Power

While the growing trend for tablets, hybrids, Chromebooks and even laptops continues to move towards the arena of thinner, lighter and cheaper, there are some things your computer simply needs a little more girth to do. This is especially true … Continue reading


Wire-Free Laptop Computing with Dell’s New Wireless Dock

In the age of using tablets, phablets, and smartphones for everything, isn’t it sometimes a bummer to come home to your wired laptops and desktops? All those cords and cables sometimes make you want to just keep playing on that … Continue reading


Intel’s New Braswell List Include Celeron and Pentium Core Models

Last week, Intel announced its Bay Trail 14nm successor cores dubbed Braswell. Made for low-end desktops, PCs, and laptops, two dual core models and two quad core models exist in the current Braswell list, and will be marketed under the … Continue reading


Intel and Micron to Release 3D NAND for 10TB SSDs

NAND is all over the news this week. Toshiba/SanDisk just announced its 48-layer BiCS 3D NAND, just hours before Intel and Micron announced its partnership to create its very own NAND flash chips for SSDs. It would stack up 32 … Continue reading


Logic Supply’s Fanless, Industrial NUC Features Intel

The new fanless mini ultrabox from industrial and embedded computer manufacturer, Logic Supply, is a weird looking one, but apparently has good intention surrounding it’s strange build; and a Broadwell processor to boot. Dubbed the ML100, this small form factor … Continue reading


Microsoft’s Soft Reveal of Its New PC Dongle

The trend of bringing your PC to your living room is a thriving one. There’s the Steam Box, which brings gaming, streaming, and media entertainment to your television. Then there’s simple HDMI dongles like the Google Chromecast, Roku, and Mozilla … Continue reading


Intel Announces New Line of Broadwell-based Xeon D Processors

Intel announced a new line of chips today called Xeon D, and they encompass the latest and greatest that Intel has to offer in the way of technology. Technology so advanced, in fact, that Intel hopes that it will be … Continue reading