Wire-Free Laptop Computing with Dell’s New Wireless Dock

DellWirelessDockIn the age of using tablets, phablets, and smartphones for everything, isn't it sometimes a bummer to come home to your wired laptops and desktops? All those cords and cables sometimes make you want to just keep playing on that phone instead. Wire-free computing isn't out of the question thanks to Dell's new updated Wireless Dock. This is the company's second version of the dock, now using Intel's WiGig wireless technology, and best of all, no cords.

DellWirelessDock1For those of you who haven't heard, WiGig promises 10x faster data transfer than Wi-Fi, all for the sake of keeping things working wireless. This would make a lot of things possible, and more convenient, like if you wanted to have the option of two big monitors hooked up, for example. You could use Dell's Wireless Dock to do this, making your laptop a better workstation. WiGig lets you use up to two external displays, as well as a full keyboard and mouse, and other peripherals. It's primarily compatible with laptops, more specifically, Dell's Ultrabooks and 2-in-1's that run Intel's 5th gen processors, and Intel's Tri-Band Wireless-AC 17256 option installed (like Dell's Latitude 7000 and Latitude 5000, for example) (Geeky Gadgets).

DellWirelessDock2Of course this means Dell's Wireless Dock is chock full of connectivity ports, even more than the old version. It now includes two USBs in the front, three USBs in the back, support for VGA, HDMI, a Mini DisplayPort for up to two displays, and Ethernet for wired connections and audio jack (Slash Gear). It takes on all of that cord mess, leaving your laptop as simplified as it can be. Unfortunately, availability and pricing are currently unknown, and we are still waiting to hear whether Dell will announce what other computers featuring the same wireless card will be compatible.

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