The Origin EON15-X Is a Gaming Laptop with Desktop Power

OriginEon15xGamingLaptopWhile the growing trend for tablets, hybrids, Chromebooks and even laptops continues to move towards the arena of thinner, lighter and cheaper, there are some things your computer simply needs a little more girth to do. This is especially true for gaming laptops, which require a little more “junk in the trunk” than a laptop that is used mainly for internet browsing or document creation. Enter the mini-behemoth from Origin, the EON15-X. At over seven pounds she is by no means a slender girl, but this whopper of a gaming laptop more than makes up for the extra weight with stellar speed, performance and power.

OriginEon15xGamingLaptop1To start with, the EON15-X is powered by Intel’s Devil’s Canyon CPU. This desktop-grade Core i7-4790K CPU can easily maintain at 4GHz and will Turbo up to 4.4GHz, while the majority of quad-core mobile gaming devices struggle to crack the 3GHz barrier. As for the graphics, Origin went with Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 980M GPU with 8GB of VRAM, which provides amazing display power without sacrificing the frame rate. Also inside are 8GB of DDR/1600 RAM and a 1TB hybrid hard drive. Never one to skimp, Origin added an M.2 PCle SSD inside, the 240GB Samsung XP941, which enables the drive itself to cruise along at 1GB/s in read speeds. As with any gaming laptop connectivity is key, and the EON15-X has it in spades. There are two DisplayPorts, an HDMI out, three USB 3.0, a Gigabit Ethernet, a combo USB and eSATA, plus an SD card reader. And just for good measure, they threw in a full set of analog audio ports along with SPDIF while wireless is provided by an Intel combo 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0.

OriginEon15xGamingLaptop2On the outside is a “luxurious, fingerprint-resistant” black material covering everything but the rear and speakers, which also serves to make it less susceptible to human error when you’re lugging it around. Given the total weight of the laptop, 7.7 pounds alone or a whopping 10 pounds with its power brick, I doubt you’ll be toting it around too much; but the extra protection is nice to have regardless. Besides that, given the poor battery life, you probably won’t want to take it anywhere without steady access to a power source anyways. But if you can afford the $2,699 price tag and plan on using it primarily from a single location, the EON15-X is ideal for gamers who want unparalleled performance from a gaming laptop that doesn’t just offer “desktop-class” performance, but actual desktop performance from their laptop.

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