From Skylake to Xeon, New Mobile Processors From Intel Are out

IntelMobileProcessorSkylakeXeonNew1When a new set of faster mobile processors come out, particularly by well-known and adored Intel, there is reason to be excited. The new series of i7 Skylake quad-core chips will be pre-installed to notebooks as well as other mobile systems (tablets, laptops, etc), but are also anticipated to be a part of most modern systems to come, including desktops. The first from the Skylake brand was released last year, based around Intel’s 6th generation Core architecture, but were aimed at mainstream and entry-level computers (Maximum PC). Because of the strength of these i7 Skylake processors, they will be officially fulfilling the role of top-end range CPUs, which means they will find homes in today’s mid-to-high-end gaming laptops.

The brand spanking new mainstream Intel i7 mobile processors, the i7-6770HQ, 6807HQ, and 6970HQ, will be quad-core, feature Hyper-Threading, an 8M cache, and a base clock of 2.6, 2.7, and 2.8GHz, respectively (Digital Trends). As mentioned, you can’t pick these guys up at the store and install them in your own devices, although it is worth wondering when or if this will become possible. As far as the best Skylake on the consumer market from Intel, the i7-6820HK CPU is the current winner. It has a default speed of 2.70, an 8M cache and Hyper-Threading, and you can actually go out and buy it. Another option, according to Tech Times, is the new Skylake i5 6350HQ, a quad-core, 6M cache option, clocking at 2.3GHz. All Skylake processors are manufactured based on the latest 14nm process. The i7 mobile processors will be priced at $378, $478, $623. We will see them trickling into laptop models very soon.

IntelMobileProcessorSkylakeXeonNewA couple other housekeeping items. Intel also added three new Xeon chips, the E3-1535M v5, E3-1545M v5, and E3-1575M v5, best suited for mobile workstations. The trio are all quad-core, include Hyper Threading, 8M cache, and are clocked at 2.8GHz, 2.9GHz, and 3Ghz, respectively. While these are all higher-end, the E3-1575M v5, priced at $1,207 is the second-most expensive chip made by Intel. Finally, Intel’s Celeron lineup has officially been improved enough to talk about it. Two dual-core CPUs, the N3010 and N3060, are clocked at 2.24GHz, and the quad-core N3160 works at 2.48GHz (Tech Times). These will be best suited in low-power devices. It is no secret the prices for these CPUs range in all directions. Digital Trends says it best, “the high prices Intel is asking for these chips is indicative of the market, where they’ll likely end up in powerful mobile workstations and other special applications”. Although, many of these won’t be seen by manufacturers for at least a few months, we’ll sure be ready to see what they can do for devices this year and next year.

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