The AT-AT Multi Stand From Premium Bandai Is a Star Wars Fan’s Organizational Dream

At-AtMultiStandOrganizerSeptember may be just a tad bit early to start thinking about Christmas presents, but it is also when some of the best upcoming products and gadgets start getting announced for gift season. This year, it seems, is shaping up to be the year of the throwback. Anticipation for the NES Classic Edition mini console reboot (which comes out November 11th) is at an all-time high. Polaroid once again owns the instant photo market with its trendy Instamatic camera. And the Star Wars franchise is gearing up for the newest addition to their film family, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which also hits theaters this December. In the midst of all this retro technology buzz, what better time to announce a Star Wars-themed desk organizer that brings a piece of the film’s history right into your home office while bringing order to your home galaxy.

This insanely cool organizer from Premium Bandai is a fully-posable miniature of the same AT-AT used by the Empire to topple the Rebel base on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. Even scaled down to only 1/72 of the original, it’s a behemoth of an accessory. But unlike the majority of figurines and memorabilia, this is not meant to simply sit on a shelf and be seen; it is surprisingly functional. And its size means that it has the potential to house every paper clip, pen, post-it pad, thumbtack and flash drives that normally take up valuable desk real estate, while generally cluttering your flow. The head and body of the AT-AT contain numerous little hidden compartments so you can stow your stuff away out of sight and even keep things separate that you don’t want getting chunked all into the same bucket. Dedicated storage areas include a coin slot and pen holder, while the other compartments vary in size to accommodate whatever trinkets or supplies you choose. Plus, the soles of its feet are even magnetized to minimize any disruption to its organizational force.

At-AtMultiStandOrganizer1By far the coolest feature of the AT-AT multi stand, however, is the way it organizes those pesky charging cables that end up littering your desk. At its base is a tiny Snow Speeder equipped with a tow hook that wraps and stores your cables around the legs of the AT-AT to keep them out of your way, and bring just a little piece of film magic into your home workspace. Honestly, this feature alone may be what entices Star Wars superfans to shell out the nearly $100 it will set them back to acquire one (and that doesn’t even include shipping). This unique little gadget will ship all the way from Japan when it sees its official release in December, so anyone looking to add it to their wish list should do so soon. Given the die-hard dedication of the franchise’s fans and the large ocean it has to cross to get here, you’ll need to order early to make sure it arrives any time before Christmas.

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