Microsoft Will Give You a Free Dell Laptop if Your Device Won’t Update

MicrosoftWindows10FreeDellLaptopHas everyone upgraded to Windows 10 yet? There’s no reason you shouldn’t be, it’s been free to download for months. But, that is about to end, and Microsoft released OS prices a while back saying that Windows 10 Pro would sell for $199, Windows 10 Home would sell for $119, and anyone going from the Home edition to Pro Pack will have to pay $99 for the upgrade. So, after the next two weeks are over, a.k.a. July 29th, no more free Windows 10.

MicrosoftWindows10FreeDellLaptop2There’s probably more than just laziness as a reason you haven’t downloaded the new Windows 10 edition, perhaps your laptop has had issues downloading it (device’s age, storage, viruses, etc). So here comes the kicker, if you bring your laptop into a Microsoft store and the techs are unable to successfully upgrade your device within that business day, Microsoft is going to give you a free 15-inch Dell Inspiron Notebook.

MicrosoftWindows10FreeDellLaptop1This is not only another attempt to convince users that Microsoft’s latest OS is the best and you must have it, the company has already used multiple tactics to get it’s users to make the change, but this is the last one you’re gonna get. Besides an Anniversary Update on its way, this is Microsoft’s final way of giving away something for free to its loyal Windows customers, and for the most part, it’s a win win situation. Microsoft locations that will do this include U.S. and Canada only, plus, the device you’re bringing in has to be a PC capable of running Windows 10 (this seems like a “duh”, but I can easily imagine plenty of confused folk walking in, hoping a technician could turn in their old ancient laptop from the 2000’s, or their Chromebook or Mac, into a Windows 10-capable device).

The small print is definitely a thing, so read on. The laptop you bring into Microsoft must be a device that works- you know, powers on and contains a battery that can hold a charge without requiring a connection to an outlet. It also must be fully functional, in working condition, without broken or missing computer components, cracked areas or liquid damage. Also, it’s important there are no modification to the laptop, like a broken device warranty seal. These are Microsoft’s words from an official statement, so I’d pretty much take them seriously if I were you, if you want a free laptop or your computer upgraded professionally. Lastly, as another freebie for its customers, Microsoft will provide anyone who upgrades with a $20 discount on Office 365 Home on the spot! See, that’s generosity, and plenty of begging, from one serious computer company!

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