Why Is the Surface Book 2 Being Called the Most Powerful Laptop Ever

You know that term, second time’s a charm? Yes it can be a saying, if something gets so good the second time around, you couldn’t imagine what it’s going to be like in the future. This thought kind of goes along with all technology, in my mind. It’s as if we’ve hit some huge sort of peak, everything is smarter, thinner, lighter, and crazier than ever. When using my own laptop or smartphone, I cannot even imagine what phones will look like in five years, or video game display quality for that matter (omg could you imagine the GIGAHERTZ!?).

Point taken? If you’re wondering what this is all about, take a look at what Microsoft did to the Surface Book- round two, it’s the Surface Book 2, and it’s already being dubbed as “the most powerful laptop ever”. For the quickest version of the story, just to get your excitement going to keep on reading, the new laptop has two new CPU processors, new graphics cards, and enough of a tweaked design to entice new customers.

We know Microsoft’s line of Surface Books and Surface Pro’s have been the dawn of the idealistic laptop, with the concept starting from more of a boutique proof of concept, and then, over the years, a completely matured and transformative manifestation. Fresh from the news, Microsoft has endured an amazing reaction to its new edition. This time around, a fresh 15-inch model is now offered, with up to 17 full hours of battery life upon a single charge. That is already impressive, and probably more battery power than I have ever heard of.

Physically, the Surface Book 2 looks so much like the original Surface Book it’s crazy, and it’s detachable and multi-purposed as a tablet alone, as well as hinged for all types of mobility. There are two model sizes, a 13.5-incher weighing in at 3.5 to 4 pounds, and a 15-incher at 4.2 pounds. The biggest differences between the new and first-gen Surface Books have to include the new 7th gen Intel Dual-Core processor, and 8th gen Intel Quad-Core processor options. Starting at $1,499 for the lowest-end version off the 13.5-inch model, and up to $3,299 for the highest end, 15-inch model, these two are completely customizable. Other specs include NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1050 and 1060 discrete graphics options, making these laptops up to 5 times more powerful than Apple’s latest MacBook Pro. The LCD screen features PixelSense with multi-touch, the Surface Pen, and Surface Dial on-screen support. Talk about a helpful addition for all of those graphic artists out there.

Once again, Microsoft has more-or-less schooled Apple on what the perfect modernized laptop should be like. For Apple consumers, I’d imagine a lot of them thinking this could be the perfect laptop if it ran macOS. Still, Windows only continues to push boundaries in internal power, with sleek styling, aimed at the most creative to the professional business person. It’s useful in more ways than just working and surfing, as the Surface Pen, in addition to the huge array of ports mean you can utilize this thing with most any accessory you desire.

Like the Dell XPS line (perhaps the XPS 13 9360), one which has always been able to face off with the older Surface line, both laptop companies know Windows’ best of the best OS. Hence, the Surface Book 2 runs Windows 10 Pro Creators Update out of-the-box, upgradable to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, literally brand new from this week. On an ending note, Microsoft states that part of the reason this Surface Book 2 came out so amazing has to do with the company’s ability to tend to every detail, every update, and every little change it as a company notices consumers want (ahem, detachable into a tablet, ahem lovely hinge!). It’s going to keep grinding out new devices, no matter how perfect this one seems. What in the world could they think of next, that’s the question.

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