The MSI GT75 Titan Is Quite the Behemoth Gaming Laptop

Okay, so we talk about all kinds of laptops, towers, and gaming rigs on here all the time, don’t we? Think soley about gaming machines, from companies like Asus ROG, Alienware, and MSI, and in all their bright and powerful glory. In laptop form, they are monsters in the tech market. So much has to go into a gaming laptop to make it powerful enough to even fit the niche, hence, these machines vary in size and weight to serious levels. Take for example, Dell’s class of gaming laptops, particularly the Alienware 18 Gaming Laptop. This dual-graphics, high-performer, efficient-cooler, with copper heatsinks has been considered a serious contender in terms of overclock-ability, and crazy fast processing power. The 18.4 incher has been built to impress, and I could talk about it all day.

However, the point here involves the considerable range in build, and with the Alienware 18’s glorious size, tips the scales at 12.06 pounds. That sounds like a ton of weight, and, although you’re not going to be lugging it around in a laptop bag, there are lighter options out there (Dell-wise, there’s always the Alienware 17, another 17-inch screen-size, making it a “unicorn” in the laptop universe, but with a lighter weight of 9.74 pounds).

Size does matter, here. What if bigger is better, in certain areas of the technology department? Some like big screens, and some like heft, especially when it comes to gaming towers. But what about gaming laptops? Do we ever expect these to be portable? If the sole purpose is to game, and not leave that seat for 8 hours at a time, I doubt a gamer would care its Alienware 17 was nearly ten pounds. So, what if I told you that the new MSI GT75 Titan has both a huge 17-inch display (apparently the size to impress these days), but with the surprisingly tight fit of 2.2 inches thick, and just 10 pounds? Don’t start a Guiness Book of World Records draft, just yet, with the gaming monster’s two essential power bricks, another 4.5 pounds are added onto this thing. So, obviously no, it’s not going to be a magically portable gaming machine, but it is loaded with so much performance, it might just be worth its starting price of over $3,300.

If the MSI GT75 Titan were a superhero, it would be called, “The Behemoth Flash”, or something like that. It delivers superior, unrivaled power, and all thanks to the new hexa-core chip from Intel. One of just three gaming laptops with the new processor, the Core i9-8950 (2.90GHz, 4.80GHz turbo ), this is what will make this Titan worth $3,229. The pricing may go up from there, or down, depending on your preferences. The design itself isn’t that far fetched from its predceeding model, however still built out of smooth brushed aluminum, and now customizable with a gorgeous rainbow of a keyboard (via RGB lighting), as well as other lights in the left and right mouse buttons.

The 17-inch gaming laptop, for $2,399, comes equipped with with an Intel Core i7-8850 (1.80GHz, 4.00GHz turbo), and Nvidia GTX 1070, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive. Upping the GPU to a GTX 1080 makes the model price jump to around $2,799. If considering the Intel Core i9 SKU model, it actually adds on an extra 512GB of SSD, additional RAM to 32GB, and Windows 10 Pro. Want to go crazy about the craziest, fastest laptop gaming machine you’ve heard of in a long time? Hit up the highest-end model, a $4,499 MSI GT75 Titan, with a 4K display, and a 1TB SSD.

Nevermind the lack of portability here, which is perhaps one of the very few downfalls to the MSI GT75 Titan (gamers game in their rooms for hours on end). What’s really important to the targeting audience, gamers, is performance- and to say the very least, being armed with Intel’s brand new Core i9 CPUs makes this the fastest laptop you could come across at the moment. Adding in the momentous RAM and storage, those who value speed will be overjoyed with MSI’s creation. Too bad the only model you can get that 4K LCD screen out of is the nearly five grand! That’s kind of a downside, as gamers would melt over that kind of display quality.

However, you can definitely count on numerous (maybe even extra) ports and connectivity. Along the sides of the device include USB 3.1, USB-C with Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, a mini Display Port, an SD card reader, multiple 3.5mm audio jacks (necessary or not?), and a monstrous power connector, which is where those dual charging bricks come in. Battery power isn’t going to be much of an upset here, unless you plan on leaving the cables at home and taking this thing out to party, because unplugging it will leave just under 3 hours of battery life. Getting to the overall interpretation here, the essence of the MSI GT75 Titan is its insane performance and speed, and in that, its worth is not only undeniable, but MSI knew this creation would be a worthy platform for Intel’s first Core i9 CPUs.

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