The HP Envy 34 AIO Features Breakthrough Widescreen Display Tech, Nice Audio System

When searching for multi-functional, premium desktops, the level of extravagance that a PC may have is the new norm. We often search for a device with an all-out beautiful display, which, in 2018, is an obvious expectancy with desktop machines. HP has just recently updated its Envy 34 all-in-one (AIO) with so many luxurious treats, it’s more of a revamp, in a very classy way. We love a good widescreen, and oooh- especially if it’s curved. To say the least, this tower package is more-or-less a statement piece- one that impresses users with its built-in Alexa. To exceed that quality, HP’s new curved AIO not only features a rich 34-inch LCD screen, but utilizes Intel’s Core i7 CPU processor for power. It configures storage to user’s requirements, making it an overall hard-core combo for work, gaming, or the ultimate thirst for media.

Alexa is usually seen in so many devices that use Amazon, just like the Amazon Echo, where Alexa is the assistant we have heard our family or friends call her name for simple demands and tasks. Now Alexa is being built into PCs, a gradual but natural feat that aims to advance and cultivate a better relationship with your computer. Now, this is how this gets extra exciting- Alexa has been introduced into HP’s new AIO, which made it one of the first PCs to take on the assistant. The Envy 34 AIO is a beaut, and features an updated (faux) wooden texture, different than HP’s introduction to the “cool” looking PC last year, which was still nice looking, but mostly noticed for its curved screen that appears to “float” in front of you. Still 34 inches wide, and with a 3,440 x 1,440 LCD screen surrounding you like a presentation, the few design changes is okay for the HP Envy 34. Some say it was an “ugly duckling waiting to be a swan”, but that’s not totally true. It didn’t need much, but having Alexa is where it’s at these days (the kids say that, right?).

Talking about revamping this PC from its previous gen, this is pretty cool- HP decided to rearrange its components by detaching its CPU from the back of the display and into the base, which makes perfect sense. The PC innards are now in this hearty space, and we’re not just talking about the bangin’ Bang & Olufsen speaker bar. That guy, by the way, holds four drivers for amazing, and nearly surround sound that directs nicely towards you, thanks to its curvature. Hardware-wise, there’s a 7th generation, Core i5 or Core i7 CPU, either an NVIDIA GTX 950M or AMD Radeon RX 460 GPU, 16GB of RAM, dual storage drives for both a 256GB SSD, and a 1TB or 2TB hard drive. For ports, you can find those on the back and right side of the PC’s foundation. These include a USB-C port with Thunderbolt 3, 4 standard USBs, an SD card slot, an HDMI in/out, and Ethernet.

What all could you say about the HP Envy 34 Curved AIO? Gosh. Are All-in-One PCs the new way to desktop work? Entertainment only? It depends on what you choose. Dell’s Optiplex 9030, dubbed as “the world’s most manageable VPro-enabled AIO”, doesn’t come with a 34-inch display (it’s a 24-incher), but is definitely more of a power worker, enabled with discrete graphics, and handles seamless multitasking. Want more IT? Security? Reliable applications? Go with something like a Dell AIO. If you’re a wanderer for amped up entertainment, HP is your fit.

Although you can’t ignore the rich, 34-inch curved display, we can still consider this powerful, especially with its Intel Core i7 chip. The good amount of storage to configure is a plus, so is the powerful speaker system, touch sensitive volume controls, and pop-up webcam for security. This machine is made for chronic multitasking, gaming, or whatever else makes you happy- as it is perfectly accustomed to do so. Or, you can literally use it as a media monster. This may not be the type of PC that has the hardcore display factors that smaller, higher quality computers or laptops have, but it is geared, relatively well, towards the entertainment feen. In a reasonably-priced package, the Envy 34 Curved AIO starts at $1,730, particularly competitive with Dell’s audio-first AIO- the XPS 27 (known for a more elaborate sound system), with (HPs) configurations maxing out around $2,220.

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