One Company Wants to Wirelessly Upgrade any Phone to a Full-Sized Touchscreen Display

What better way to describe Superscreen on Kickstarter than stating the obvious? What I mean is, the new invention has been 500 percent funded in a short amount of time, making it seem like something folks are more than ready to get their hands on. This may be due to the fact that Superscreen is a way to magically (not really, but kinda close) transform your phone screen into a larger screen. This is something a lot of people want- the option of having a larger screen but not necessarily a larger phone. Rather than having to go buy a tablet, Superscreen slings your smaller device’s everything onto itself.

The startup, called Transcendent Designs, basically created the inerts and apt of a $600 iPad in a $99 device. The $99 Superscreen is a 6.79 x 9.52 x .31 inch “dumb” tablet weighing barely a pound. It’s use, of course, is to mirror an iPhone or Android phone’s display on a screen about four times the size of itself. The connectivity making this happen is a wireless technology, currently still in a pending prototype mode.

Superscreen is a cool idea, yet it’s not as if we haven’t seen alternative ways of taking advantage of a display; the first one coming to mind is of course something on a larger scale, like the Chromecast or Roku, both providing media slinging onto TV wirelessly. Superscreen does this, but on smaller scale, and has its own special mirroring technique to relay touchscreen events back to the connected smartphone. Thanks to this special mirroring technology, anything you can achieve on your smartphone, you can do with the Superscreen tablet, including gaming, internet surfing, and content creating.

I wouldn’t go as far to agree with the statement “Take your mobile world to the big screen with the Superscreen Portable Touchscreen Display”. If a big screen to you is 4 times the size of an iPhone, then you’re missing out. However, for some, just that amount of size increase is awfully helpful in doing certain things mobile. Transcendent Designs has promised its mirroring technique to be an efficient process, at a “seamless” speed. This is of course something the Kickstarter backers receiving their tablets will atest to shorty. As of today, the pledged goal of 50 grand has been met countless times over, with over $1,088,000 in funding, and 22 days to go in the crowdfunding cycle. Wow. Perhap it’s the $99 price tag for the tablet that’s selling the minds of these backers. Since, in conjunction with your own smart device, Superscreen’s functionality ultimately turns into the equivalence of an upscale tablet, which is pretty cool.

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