Hey! Samsung Made Dex, a Little Dock To Turn your S8 Into a Desktop!

What? The brand new Samsung Galaxy S8, something I haven’t even written about yet, but do know involves a top-of-the-line Snapdragon processor and was designed with VR in mind (yeah!), is in the news for creating this amazing dock called Dex. The dock is supposed to turn this smartphone into a desktop machine, like voila easy.

We’re continuously getting closer to our phone’s abilities becoming so multi-functional, they’re ultimately becoming our computers, and to say the least, Samsung wants to advance this trend. By having such a nice processor, Samsung isn’t just gearing towards VR-readiness anymore, but becoming efficient enough for a complete desktop setup. The Dex dock, priced at $150 for pre-order, in its cuteness and littleness, allows you to hook up your phone to a display, plus a wired keyboard and mouse, for desktop functionality, or to utilize your accessories via Bluetooth to free up USBs for external drives.

The Dex dock, which resembles a candle holder, even has a little fan to keep the phone cool in the case that it starts running hot, which it will because it’s a small phone not a large computer. All you do to begin the setup is place your smartphone onto Dex’s USB port. Once running, you should enjoy its tweaked OS, a version of Android optimized for your larger screen of choice, which you should find quite familiar and intuitive (yet, you can alter its windows and interface to your liking). It’s kind of like using the tablet version of Windows from top to bottom. Plus, Samsung teamed up with Microsoft to allow things like Word, Powerpoint and Excel to be optimized for Dex.

Okay, it’s not a true desktop, but Samsung is trying to give that to you. So far it resembles it, but how well is it really going to act like it? To help answer that, yes, you can run a video on YouTube in one tab, a website in another, and open up a Word doc and start working on it and be satisfied (a.k.a., no lagging issues). One thing that will become obvious is that characters you are typing do not appear onto the Dex-connected screen as fast as if you were typing on a laptop or PC (this could actually be part of the demo’s being reviewed and not the actual turnout).

This could be an early iteration of Samsung bringing its phone power to the desktop, but it’s certainly showing to be a highly suitable way to do it. Lots of power, loads of, well, good OS performance, and as I mentioned, “voila”. Despite being a smartphone linked to multiple peripherals, so far there’s not a “limit” on how much you can do, or how many tabs you’ll have open before you really truly notice a lag. This is definitely the best sign showing that Dex could have some real promise in acting as a true desktop. You’ve got to consider the amount of work you’re giving that poor little thing. Yet that poor, little thing is the S8, and it’s a powerhouse to say the least. Samsung may not be the first to attempt this type of feat, but since Samsung is working hard with Microsoft get the basics down on how to turn a phone into a PC one day, you should give the Dex Dock a try.

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