A Collaboration Canvas, Reinvented for the Cloud, Jamboard Is the Latest From Google

Who can argue with the fact that Google is one company that never stays still; it’s one that’s always changing, always morphing, and becoming larger. So, in comes something incredibly new- the Google Jamboard. No, it’s not the latest in boom-box bluetooth technology, it’s actually an out-of-this-world whiteboard. In fact, Jamboard is a 55-inch digital touchscreen whiteboard with a 4K resolution. The reason it exists is far more for enterprise-focused collaborations rather than any use an average consumer could get out of it. For the price of about $5,000 with a $600 annual support fee, this is a Google creation so niche it might make most of us wonder, huh? That’s okay if it’s not for us. Google is huge in all things enterprise software, and will go to almost any depth of experimentation at this point, because, well, Google is Google.

Described as a way to embed itself in the business world at a core level, Google made Jamboard as another incorporation into its stretch into an eccentric hardware company that knows no bounds. I’ve been saying it for years, Google rules the planet, and has the same tendency to take over all services known to man the same way Amazon does. For example. Amazon has gone from a product selling portal, to a media streaming, food delivering, and endless subscription service entity. Jamboard is found on the G-Suite portion of Google, as the product requires a G-Suite plan, and basically sells as a collab space for other employees who need to work on the same projects, and, yes, it’s extremely fancy. While your team uses the screen’s whiteboard to sketch ideas and images, employees may drop images, add notes, and pull items directly from the web, all on a gorgeous and kind of unbelievable 4K resolution. I guess the only thing it could be missing is a microphone for presentations.

Not only is this kind of teamwork the main focus of Google’s Jamboard, keep in mind this extension is most definitely a marriage between service and accessory/gear, and other ways that Google intends on showing off its competence and growth in the hardware department. While the Jamboard comes in three colors, two styli, and an eraser, Google says its cloud-based collab, digital whiteboard is available right now.

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