Stay in Charge and Off the Grid With Life-Power A3 a Game-Changer in Power Technology

While we are working, exercising, and on-the-go making lunch dates with our friends, aren't we all just relying on our companion device to keep us going? Whether it's our smartphone, tablet, or even laptop PC or hybrid PC keyboard, not having a charger around is pretty much like leaving your wallet at home. A group behind a charging product dubbed Lifepowr, has announced a new iteration of its battery pack. The original, Lifepowr A2, is a massive 27,000mAh battery pack with an AC outlet. The latest, Lifepowr A3, is still that large of a battery, which is massive by the way, but now comes with two USB Type-C ports featuring Thunderbolt 3, Quick Charge 3.0, as well as two USB ports, also supporting Quick Charge 30, and an AC socket.

What this means is, we can be in our daily lives doing our daily life ‘thing’, and have our devices powered up to 120W, even if we're not on the grid. Via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, Lifepowr A3 has been launched in hopes of succeeding its goal- to quickly get this product into the hands of those who need to charge a wide variety of different mobile devices, even things as powerful as amplifiers. If you think about that spectrum of charging needs, that's got to include most people, right? Lifepowr A3 allows you to simply plug & play, work on your business dream, even your outdoor explorations, or professional productions using video cards, because you can use all 5 ports simultaneously.

The company behind Lifepowr, a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and graphic designers, hope to succeed in providing a powerful enough device that sets itself apart from other battery chargers and power banks by providing those 120 watts. Both models, the A2 and the current A3, are efficiently designed (the A2 has had over two years of making customers across the world happy). But now that the A3 has come out alongside the introduction of USB Type-C port, its compact and lightweight design make it not only easy to grab & go, but to not be a heavy weight burden in your bag. It also can be recharged in under one hour (using a 60W charger), and be fully recharged in under 3 hours, which is especially helpful for those who spend time on their gadgets outdoors.

Currently, the $35,000 fixed goal for Lifepowr’s A3 product has been supported over 202%, counting in at $70,871, raised by 391 backers. Could this level of success be due to the fact that this is the very first battery pack to “fully support the new USB Type-C power delivery standard”? By implementing two fast-charging USB-C ports, this means no more battery deaths mid-essay, and no more fending for a friend’s charger when you fear your device is about to disconnect you from all your securities. Plus, the ability to charge all your devices with one single cable is easier and faster than what you're used to. The company is proud of its creation, saying it can “power you through the 2020’s” and go along with you anywhere your adventures take you.

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