The Alienware Brand Is Finally Making Its Own Gaming Peripheral Products

Alienware has announced its very own line of PC gaming peripherals, and it’s going to be a huge step forward for the age-old brand. You see, Alienware has been a computer hardware subsidiary of Dell since 2006, always showcasing itself with alien-themed designs, and truly named as such, due to the founder’s fondness of the hit TV show, The X-Files (there’s just a nerdy tidbit of information not many people know). Also, in general, the Alienware brand hasn’t been the most stand out brand in areas other than PC gaming. What has just happened will surely change that, or least make a wave or two in the peripheral department, as Alienware has finally gotten its own gaming mice, mechanical laptops, desktop keyboards, and beastly monitors.

Alienware has been a consistent kin made up of laptops, desktops, and consoles for so long, offering high-end pre-built PCs with flashy aesthetics and the intent at gaining mainstream appeal. What could it offer next? Welp, the Dell-operated brand decided it is ready to finally offer more. This came naturally, as it was simply time (plus, ahem, Dell has to be with the competition). Hence the unveiling of the four new devices, all Alienware-styled and ready to wire up consumers. Starting with the the Alienware Advance Gaming Mouse, this is a $49 device that allows players to switch the DPI at any moment. It also makes tailored mouse movements to the style of game or gameplay. As far as the new $89 Alienware Advanced Gaming Keyboard, Dell has added some interesting features. From KaiHua switches, spring-loaded keys to anti-ghosting and macro keys, this is one fancy looking keyboard.

Let’s be real, the most exciting part of this plethora of peripherals being released by Dell has to be its new 24-inch gaming monitor, with an LCD TN panel, featuring a 1920 x 1080 resolution. That might sound a little pitiful to some avid gamers, particularly those focused on 4K gaming, but this desktop monitor makes up for some of that with its 240Hz refresh rate, plus Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync technology options. Depending on which technology you choose, the monitor is priced from $499 to $699.

The final tidbit Dell has to offer involves its Area 51 gaming desktops, which will now support AMD’s Threadripper CPU processor, as well as Intel’s Skylake CPUs. As mentioned before, it may be hard to tell whether Alienware will be taken seriously with these new products. Hoping those outside the Alienware “bubble” want to commit to the new peripherals, most are reasonably priced, and set to compete with the likes of the gaming peripheral competition, which include Razer, HP, SteelSeries, and Logitech.

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