Dell Proves PCs Are Still Hot With the New Inspiron 24 AIO Feat Infinity Display

The term all-in-ones, or AIOs, is relatively new. These are desktop computers that promise a sleeker, more intuitive experience. The hard drive and computer components are typically located on the back of the desktop monitor. The concept has almost given the desktop a “back with a vengeance” type of feel, as these models allow less bulk while providing ease-of-use for even inexperienced owners. As of late, both Dell and HP have been putting in work to provide some of the most desirable and high-quality all-in-one computers.

Focusing on Dell, the Inspiron 24 5000 has arrived with the pristine Infinity Edge display design, something we’ve seen all over Dell’s premium devices long enough to understand how much they set themselves apart. This time, the Infinity Edge is accompanied by a slightly larger lower panel, where the camera is housed, then super-thin side and top bezels are present, per usual; nearly borderless, as some have said. This is a similar style to Dell’s Inspiron 27 7000 AIO, as both devices are powered similarly, the Inspiron 27 obviously features a 27-inch display while the Inspiron 24 features a 24-inch LCD screen. However, the Inspiron 27 can avail a 4K Ultra HD resolution that the Inspiron 24 cannot.

The Inspiron 24 5000 features the up-to-date 7th generation AMD A12-9800E CPU processor, also including Rivet Networks’ new SmartByte technology that is used to rid the issue of buffering while streaming media and content. While this new model is not only fit with that nearly borderless InfinityEdge monitor, it also supports a slew of VR configurations to boost those game-loving users. Hence, graphics include AMD Radeon RX560 along with 4GB of DDR5, plus extra features like Windows Hello security features, and Cortana’s far-field speech recognition.

While we were once, just recently actually, starting to really believe our smartphone, or our tablet, and perhaps even their corresponding accessory (um, hi “Alexa”), were truly beginning to replace our computers, and our laptops, it’s not conclusive that the market is heading in that direction. Hence, desktop computers are still so vital, enough to make their presence known in a fashion of comeback. Rather than changing completely, but simply becoming something more desirable and in a more desirable form, it only helps the home and office workers, the creatives and the coders, enjoy their PC and look forward to new gens. There’s something worth noting here, almost a solace, knowing they shall only continue to serve fully-fledged, and are not going anywhere (not everything has to get tiny or see-through, even though the Minority Report painted that picture).

So that’s where it stands. Not only are complete laptops alive and well, but the desktop is refusing to stand down- mainly because consumers won’t stop using them! How interesting, as this additionally defeats the notion that portable is the only paramount trend good enough to win over the masses. All you’ve got to do is give us something pretty, and we’ll take it. We’ll surely take more fully-fledged PCs. So, let’s take what’s being so smartly offered these days. These gorgeous new Dell desktops are perfect examples of dutiful changes in appearance and hardware, all-the-while standing their ground as such in the PC category.

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