EZTIP Accessory Line Features Reversible Micro USB

ScoscheExTipMicroUsb1When the USB Type-C plugs and ports finally came out, the world had a simultaneous sigh of relief. They provide both faster data transfer speeds, and the ability to plug in on either side. Why did that take so long? I guess we will never know. Well, it's deja vu all over again as we wonder, “What about micro USBs? They have feelings too!”. True. They deserve to be just as efficient as their big brother, especially as more devices become micro USB compatible (ie smartphones, tablets, laptops, and set-top boxes). Not to worry, finally a company has come in and created a line of micro USB charging cables with a reversible tip (meaning, no more of the “third time's a charm” phenomenon).

ScoscheExTipMicroUsb2During the 2015 CTIA Super Mobility in Las Vegas last week, SCOSCHE Industries, known for making Apple accessories, headphones, car audio kits, speakers and more, showed off the EZTIP micro USB cable accessory line. It's first product to launch, the Strikecharge, is a 12 watt, 2.4 Amp, 3 foot, coiled charging cable for vehicles, which of course features this reversible micro USB port (Digital Trends). The cable will be especially helpful for anyone who relies on a car charger but hates the idea of getting distracted in their vehicle.

The rest of the product line, which SCOSCHE says will include “a variety of charge and sync cables” with the EZTIP connector, will be announced soon. For now, anyone interested in the EZTIP Strikecharge can get one on the company's website for just $19.99 starting next month.

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