Apple Ups Its Game Again, Reveals the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

iPadProAndApplePencilWhat? An iPad Pro? Didn't Apple already perfect its lineup of tablets by offering the original iPad, which everyone loved, then the iPad Air and iPad Mini for those who are into the hippest trends, and of course the super advanced versions of those with Retina display? Well, like its series of smartphones, Apple never stops if it doesn't have to. Get ready to be wowed. Apple stops at nothing to come out with the latest technology and designs before the other guys can even blink.

So how does this theory of greatness test against the company's brand new iPad Pro? Apple had a chance to go into detail about the iPad Pro during its fall 2015 event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco this week. Among lengthy discussions involving new Apple devices and accessories, the long-rumored iPad Pro, considered “the biggest news for the iPad since the iPad”, was revealed. The iPad Pro is said to sport an incredible 12.9 inch display, having the feeling of a larger (by three inches) iPad Air. The new design also comes suited with a stylus, called the Pencil, acting as its secret weapon.

iPadProAndApplePencil1Many of us consider the use of a stylus to be old news, especially for some of us who once bought a smartphone that came with one and never used it. But if a stylus has any meaning in life, it's to assist the tablet-lover with their tablet adventures. This includes anything from working on a graphic design project to editing photos from a mobile shoot. Of course it helps that the Apple Pencil works like a magician, detecting position, force, and tilt of the user (TechCrunch). App developers are going to have a grand ol' time catering to the likes of the Apple Pencil.

Back to the iPad Pro- what can it hold, what can it give, and how much does it cost? MacWorld reports a starting price of $799, all the way up to $1079 for 32GB, and 128GB, respectively. It boasts a beautiful 2732 x 2048 resolution with 5.6 million pixels, and uses Apple's new A9X processor. Everything listed here is well above anything were used to seeing in past iPads. In fact, this A9X chip runs 1.8x faster than its predecessor, the A8X.

iPadProAndApplePencil2Other than that, it holds a lot of the same features seen in the iPad Air 2, including an 8MP iSight camera, 1080p video recording, Wi-Fi, Touch ID, LTE and Apple SIM (Mac World). It's basically a souped-up, beefier version of the world's favorite tablet. The iPad Pro will be available this November in silver, gold, and gray.

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