HandyCase for Smartphones and Tablets Makes Controlling Your Device a Breeze

HandyCaseTech companies and accessory makers continue to gather their millions selling their ever-changing mobile devices. They are the masters of creativity when it comes to the gadget world. From adding voice or facial recognition software to smartphones, to creating new smartphone cases that charge using solar energy, the professionals sure know how to enhance the mobile experience. Now, Silicon Valley startup, HandyShape, wants to let smartphone and tablet users free up their fingers in order to better control their devices. HandyCase, a protective shell designed to be worn on iPads and iPhones, adds touch capability to the back of devices, allowing you to see your fingers transparently through the screen, and stop the straining.

HandyCase1HandyCase works by sensing where your fingers are touching the back of your device. It registers them like a second touchscreen, and you can swipe and tap as you would on the front. The benefit of this is to allow smartphone and tablet users to hold their devices without hindering view of the content (you can control the level of transparency), hence “two-handed interaction with games, maps, and other next-generation applications”, says HandyCase creator Tong Luo.

HandyCase2Available in sizes for the Apple iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, as well as some Android devices (as of late), HandyCase uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to devices, and uses a flexible, high-resolution sensor to detect the user's fingers with up to 10 registered contact points (Gizmag). It is currently available via Kickstarter campaign, hoping to gain the popularity needed to reach its $100,000 goal. Those interested in one or two-handed device interaction, without the straining or stretching of their poor hands and fingers, can pledge $99 (for the iPhone 6 case) to receive their HandyCase sometime next April 2016.

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