CloudBits- Connect Your LittleBits Creation to the Internet

CloudBitsLittleBits Electronics, an open source library of modular electronics that snap together with magnets, is already something of a darling with hardware hackers and designers. Over time, these components have become more and more sophisticated, and now the company is announcing CloudBit, a module that brings internet connectivity to anything. No soldering, programming, or wiring is required. Unlike most Internet of Things devices, Cloudbit isn't a device. It's an integral part of the LittleBits library, an open, modular, and interoperable platform. Now you can built internet-connected devices out of bits, as well as hack into other devices to make them cloud-connected. CloudBit will add new dimension to the LittleBits library, as well as support the company's mission of democratizing hardware, by putting the power of electronics in the hands of everyone.

Ayah Bdeir, CEO and founder of LittleBits says, “Until now, building for the Internet of Things has been reserved for large companies and experts, limiting the power of what's possible and the rate of innovation”. This is the way to “democratize the Internet of Things”. The ability to build any internet-connected prototype is now minutes away. It can be compared to Linux or Android in its completely open platform that gives the creator control over the hardware. Other kits have been created, powered by Arduino or the Raspberry Pi, but don't have the simplicity of LittleBits.

The Cloudbit is available for $59, and the Cloud starter bundle is available now for $99. The bundle comes with six prototyping modules, an insert card with five tutorials, and two accessories to connect any objects you want to the internet. Users simply connect their CloudBit to a LittleBits dashboard, where they can remote control the circuits, and get real-time performance readouts. LittleBits is also partnering with IFTTT, a service that enables basic programming with simple “if this, then that” logic, to open up hardware integration with your favorite web services (such as Gmail, Twitter, and Instagram). CloudBit then links to any number of other bits, creating a chain of mechanical reaction.

Any level of maker can create things like an SMS enabled doorbell, remote crib communicators, or an automatic door lock. The Littlebits ecosystem now has 59 different components ranging from simple items like motors and microphones, to sensors that detect light, sound, motion, or pressure. Bdier says “you can make your own Nest or Jawbone without having to write a line of code”. Wednesday, LittleBits announced its partnership with Radioshack to launch into retail. The product will be available in select markets by August 2014, and in 2,000 retail locations by Fall 2014.

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