Lenovo Wants to Sell Its IdeaPad 710S by Pushing Both Power and Professionalism

For a thin and light Lenovo ultraportable laptop, the IdeaPad 710S packs a lot for $799. Not only is its sleek, small 13-inch body nice to carry around, but it packs a lovely, vivid display, something that actually becomes noticeably nicer than others in its caliber. Meant to be a serious contender to your notebook at home, the design is definitely there (it’s beautiful), and its business-worthy features make it an ideal laptop for a variety of consumers.

Considering the average business person, or perhaps the average person at hand, think about what you’d desire in an ultrabook? Probably something middle-of-the-road, meaning not extravagant, but meaning essentially average, if that makes sense. The tech giant knows how to create some of the most happily familiar and above-par products around, yet its premium visage will not go unnoticed. From visual appearance alone, the IdeaPad 710S is most definitely considered a premium Ultrabook per Lenovo’s standards, hence its magnesium-aluminum build, “barely there” LCD Bezel display, and ultra-lightness, despite its no-plastic, purely silver, purely metal design.

Sure, when discussing “Ultrabook”, the meaning has a lot to do with just how tiny the machine can be, and also what that “tininess” can manage/accomplish. Interestingly, this 13.3-inch notebook, just under 2.6 pounds, puts it just under both the Acer Aspire S 13, and Dell XPS 13 9365, two of its closest opponents.

More or less, orthodox specs are what you’re going to get with this Lenovo IdeaPad, while on the same hand, the 710S is in no way unconventional. Its class goes beyond exterior architecture. So, we know the all-metal chassis won’t weigh the 710S down, in fact, the metal used actually aids in the light body. Beautiful outside, and .55 inches in thickness, it has nice clean lines and smooth 4 corners give it an upscale appearance. Inside, there’s an Intel Core i5 CPU processor to start (naturally, you could rank up the device’s price with ease), 8GB of RAM, and for storage (which reaches 128GB as a baseline), and an SSD to say “bye-bye” to traditional hard drives that no longer “belong” in modern portables.

Continuing on, there’s a backlit keyboard, fingerprint reader (to, you know, be one with the times), and voila, that’s what you get for the $799 price. Input and output includes a lesser selection than some, and they are as follows: an AC power jack, 2 USB 3.0s, an audio combo jack, a full SD card reader, and a micro HDMI port. You’ve obviously noticed no USB Type-C here, but good news is, that SD card reader being full-sized has its perks. Finally, and naturally, there are Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 for interweb needs, plus internal Bluetooth 4.0. There’s a lot of things that are also offered and should be recognized, such as speaker quality and that 1920 x 1080 screen, said to even be a serious selling point. Concluding after all discussion here, The 710S’s features are beyond the norm; and performance, at this $799-ish range, means a good 2.3GHz of performance power. All-in-all, this Lenovo IdeaPad 710S is, on paper, capable of being among the best affordable ultrabooks.

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