The Samsung Notebook 7 Spin is a Fast-Charging, Affordable 3-in-1

SamsungNotebook7SpinWhat could possibly be better than a 2-in-1 laptop and tablet? Well for starters, how about a 3-in-1.

Samsung is known for leading the pack when it comes to gadgets and visuals. Their smartphones rival the ever-popular iPhone, while their tablets and laptops have made lifelong fans out of their users for the vivid displays and host of features they offer. The newest addition to their line of hybrid devices is no exception. Samsung’s Notebook 7 Spin is advertised as a 3-in-1 device, meaning it can function as a laptop, a tablet, or even a mobile entertainment center in its tent form. With a display that rotates a full 360 degrees, there is no shortage of uses for this handy little do-it-all.

SamsungNotebook7Spin1The first thing you need to know about the Notebook 7 Spin is that it is compatible with Windows 10’s Continuum feature. For those of you not familiar with Continuum, it essentially works with the display and input modes of your device to automatically adjust them according to the device and viewer’s orientation (a fairly important feature for a hybrid whose primary boast is its 360-degree display rotation). Those interested will have their choice of screen sizes, and can opt for a smaller, 13.3-inch display or a larger, 15.6-inch model. Both displays are equipped with 1080p LCD touch screens and a multitude of ports (USB 3.0, USB-C, and two USB 2.0 ports along with the standard HDMI and SD card reader).

SamsungNotebook7Spin2Depending on which screen size you opt for, you’re looking at a varying set of specs and prices for this chameleon convertible. The 13.3-inch model is powered by an Intel Core i5 CPU and includes 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. As far as hybrid devices go, the smaller incarnation of the Notebook 7 Spin is actually fairly inexpensive, listed at $799.99. The 15.6-inch version steps things up a notch, offering a Core i7 processor, 12GB of RAM, 1TB of storage and an Nvidia GeForce 940MX graphics card, all for the low, low cost of $999.99. For an extra $200, you can even upgrade the 15.6-inch model to a hybrid drive configuration and 16GB of RAM. Both models are a bit hefty in comparison to their convertible brethren, with the smaller version weighing in at 3.9 pounds and the 15.6-inch model at nearly five pounds.

Where the Notebook 7 Spin really shines, though, is in its entertainment value and battery life. In addition to the 360-degree screen, both size models come with a “Video HDR” mode which promises to sharpen content, provide more vivid colors, and make textures truly “pop.” Both versions feature Samsung’s fast-charging technology, which should provide a full charge to the battery after only 90-100 minutes of charging. Additionally, the company says that their latest hybrid will gain two hours of battery life from a 20-minute charge; addressing one of the most popular user complaints with portable devices.

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