Dell Says “Caya Nara” to Its Venue Line of Tablets to Focus on Windows 2-In-1’s

DellVenueTabletCancelProductionI remember the first time I heard about the Dell Venue tablets, it was in 2014 and I did a review on the Venue 8 7000. I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed playing around with the devices, they were sleek and lovely, and ran very smoothly. The Venue 8 7000, which Gizmodo proclaimed as a feat of engineering in a world where Android tablets were mostly garbage, was one tablet Dell could very well be proud of. Yet, over the past couple years that the Android-based Venue line has been around, Dell has been experiencing a declining demand from consumers. The word on the street is that tablets are fading out. Although there are plenty of affordable Android tablets out there to choose from (Dell’s Venue line was pretty premium), some would argue current tablets aren’t nearly as good as what the Venue series brought to the table. Additionally, the decline has nothing to do with the Venue line not being well-designed products (remember AMOLED displays and metal-made chassis?), tablets are no longer seen as ‘productivity devices’ when compared to PC and laptop options that provide more computing tasks in general.

DellVenueTabletCancelProduction1The fact is, the tablet market in general has become incredibly oversaturated. There’s too many choices, and consumers are looking elsewhere. They are generally reaching for the plethora of other mobiles besides slate devices- like 2-in-1’s, laptops, hybrids, and phablets, which are pretty much replacing anything on one plane. So at this point, as tablets aren’t as big of a deal anymore, and larger phones and 2-in-1 hybrids are what companies are pushing for (and consumers are wanting), Dell has officially announced it will stop the Venue line, stop issuing OS updates, and focus more on Windows 2-in-1 devices. The company says this will provide a better value to consumers (plus, we should all agree Windows is what Dell does best).

DellVenueTabletCancelProduction2Although OS updates will be seized, Android-based Venue products owners aren’t out of luck. Dell will continue to honor active warranties and service contracts until they expire. However, from now on, the company’s concentration will be toward Windows 2-in-1 devices, which have been rising in popularity since they provide the type of PC-to-tablet blend and mobility consumers want (PC World). Additionally, the company will remain open to supporting Android-based devices in the future. Technology all has to do with “the now”, and Dell, who works in the “now” as much as a computer company possibly could, must focus on Windows 2-in-1 devices, and will continue to do so as long as the devices’ rise in popularity takes up the computing market.

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