Nook Glowlight Plus Finally Updated & Is Now Waterproof

NookGlowlightPlusIn case you were wondering, yes, the Barnes & Noble Nook tablets still exist. As a Nook owner myself, even I started to wonder if these prehistoric tablet breeds were still making headlines. Turns out the brand is still around, and after discontinuing the original Nook and Nook HD+ over a year ago, the established GlowLight e-reader (which first came out two years ago), is finally ready for a good ol’ update. Besides becoming waterproof, upgrades include an incredible display with double the pixel count, more storage, and an aluminum body.

Nook e-readers, as long as they have been in existence, still have their purpose in the world. The new $129.99 GlowLight Plus, described as the “slickest e-reader the company has ever produced”, has rid itself of the old plastic back, and swapped it out for a nice aluminum one. The screen, measuring 6.4 inches, gets the new GlowLight name from its built-in backlighting system for reading in the dark, where its 300 dpi (dots per inch) E-ink display helps make for great black and white contrast (which has been enhanced to twice as many pixels as the original GlowLight). To my surprise, the word “sleek” doesn’t necessarily mean lighter in the case of the 6.9 ounce GlowLight Plus, which actually weighs more than the original GlowLight’s 6.2 ounces. For anyone paying attention, that’s still less than Amazon’s 7.2-ounce Paperwhite, which is a nice equivalent to the GlowLight (Tom’s Guide). As an added perk, there is also more storage (2.6 GB) than ever, so no need to worry about constantly deleting all your favorite books on your device when you want to add more.

NookGlowlightPlus1The touchscreen has gone through a warranted upgrade. Barnes & Noble took the plunge and got rid of its infrared-based touchscreen, swapping it out for a more responsive capacitive touchscreen like the ones seen in Amazon’s Paperwhite and Voyage tablets. Remember I mentioned this was waterproof? This new feature makes perfect sense for something that is primarily used during outdoor activities, a lot of the time near water. The GlowLight Plus can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Not sure where that 30-minute time frame comes from, but at least worrying about splashing water is no longer a thing. Lastly, this tablet will last on a single battery charge for up to 6 entire weeks. This is pretty incredible, and only makes me frustrated all of my devices don’t last that long.

Despite Barnes & Noble considering a split of the company recently (mostly thanks to Amazon taking over a huge share of the e-reader market with its hugely popular Kindles, the company decided to stay settled and simply work on what they’ve already got. The GlowLight Plus e-reader is still priced fairly competitive, at $129.99, and with its improved dpi and storage limits, Nook readers will consider this upgrade a breath of fresh air.

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