Samsung to Make Tiny Flexible Batteries, Especially for Smart Wearables

SamsungBatteryPrototypesThe InterBattery Exhibition of 2015 was last week. The Seoul, Korea-held event was an opportunity for sponsors and attendees to show off their brand-spakin’ new technology. Of the participants was Samsung SDI, a branch of Samsung that, ever since 1970, has been creating innovative renewable energies and energy storage systems using only the most cutting-edge technology available. This year, Samsung SDI had to show off its latest battery prototypes, designed with the future of smart wearables in mind. From clip-on concepts made to add battery life to a device, to incredibly thin batteries made especially for wearables, Samsung SDI wants to solve what is currently hindering the advancement of these gadgets.

Dubbed the Samsung Stripe and Samsung Band, both are batteries made of super dense, fibrous material, allowing them to be so thin and flexible that they can “fit into spaces and components that could otherwise not house a battery” (BGR). Stripe is the thinner and more versatile of the two. Measuring just .3mm and acting just like a piece of fiber, it’s a perfect design for the tiniest of wearables, such as necklaces, headbands, or even clothing. Samsung claims Stripe “has a much higher energy density than anything else comparable on the market today”. Band, aimed at the smartwatch market in particular, is used to provide up to 50 percent more battery life to the device it is applied to (it is housed in the flexible band of a smartwatch or fitness tracker). Band is also able to “withstand being bent 50,000 times, and still be able to operate correctly”, according to Trusted Reviews.

SamsungBatteryPrototypes1Both of Samsung’s devices are still in prototype mode, but are anticipated to be part of a new surge of more powerful wearables, and even unusual wearables that we have yet to see. Samsung is confident that its innovative Stripe and Band batteries will be a big deal, which makes us wonder why the announcement of this news didn’t come with some sort of production date. It’s still cool enough to get excited about, though. If there is anything preventing smart wearables from living up to their ultimate potential (meaning slimmer, sleeker, more power-efficient devices), part of the culprit is admittedly battery power. Not only does the size of the device depend on the components it houses, but wearables are meant to be worn all day long as part of their appeal. All-day battery power, without the bulk, is what we’re still waiting for. Let us hope Samsung is seriously onto something.

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