Parallels 2X Gives Your Raspberry Pi Remote Access to Windows Desktops

RaspberryPiParallel2xThe next big step for the little Raspberry Pi could be something a bit different than its usual hobbyist and developer crowd. Aimed more for the business setting, the Pi will now be working with the Parallels 2X Remote Application Server (RAS) to provide remote access to Windows desktops! Parallels, by the way, is a developer of desktop and server visualization software, known for letting Mac users run Windows. The “2X” part comes from Parallel acquiring a company called 2X Software back in February. Its new client will bring this type of visualization software to the Raspberry Pi.

Despite the five million units sold since its start back in 2012, the Raspberry Pi has been tied down to a well-known client called Linux (surely you've heard of this). Now, the Raspberry Pi will be able to use any application remotely, “maximizing performance and user experience”, says Parallels 2X marketing director, Giorgio Bonuccelli. It goes beyond just the Pi being supported by Parallels 2X RAS. Plenty of other devices will adapt with this update, including Chromebooks, Macs, Windows PCs, Android, iOS, and more (Tech Radar). When it comes to the Pi, all versions are compatible, and the client will work best on the Pi's very own Linux software called Raspbian.

RaspberryPiParallel2x2Making the Pi a client doesn't come cheap, however. Since it requires a minimum of 15 users at $75 a piece, the $1,125 starting price tag is aimed at businesses and large groups. Parallels does offer a 30-day free trial for small groups and individuals, according to its website. Once installed by the business itself, or accessed as a hosted service via third-party service provider, it can be deployed to devices in minutes (Ars Technica). Not to worry, a demonstration should be up and running on the Parallels website sometime soon.

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