WigWag, Home Automation With Endless Possibilities

437187651df4a125ede69173cf55b789_largeWho wouldn't want their own home to listen, react and respond back to them? Remind anyone of “The Jetsons” complete home automation where you are dressed and cooked for? Dubbed the “Internet of Things”, the life automation concept is rapidly growing. Yet this land where fixtures can electronically communicate with each other and, if you will, take-care-of-business, hasn't taken off yet. If you think about how difficult it is to get gadgets sufficiently communicating you'll better understand the delay. There must be Internet-ready devices connected to each appliance or device. Notably, this software and hardware operation is most certainly out there, yet it does not mean manufacturers have created an all-in-one gadget such as this. Such as what? The Kickstarter success WigWag, where all gadgets speak the same language regardless of what you demand them to say or do. Picture this: being in bed and feeling the temperature drop and having your air conditioning respond to your request from bed or even your office at work!

12ba8c6ce4ddb8f0de96392b6e0d8df8_largeWe're most definitely on the cusp of the smartest Internet connected home system, and all thanks to WigWag creative mind Ed Hemphill and his team! Putting it as simply as possible, the system is a platform in which you tie many different types of devices together easily with Internet. What's especially neat is how simple it is to use and you decide how it works. Yep, that's right folks, you program what (devices, appliances, etc) it responds to and how it responds. This is done simply by a “When happens, then do” rule. Just as an example, this could mean when the patio lights go on in the midst of the night, your cell phone is told to alert you of this occurrence. The demands are essentially endless, as Wig Wag uses a standard programming language which will allow other software enthusiasts to create additional apps not included in the package. Its truly a “suit your own needs” kind of system. No complicated programming here!

WigWag doesn't use signals from your Wi-Fi network alone, but also incorporates radio frequencies for communication. As a three-part system, it uses sensor blocks, relay and a cloud service. The sensor blocks are deployed around your house for monitoring purposes, such as motion, sound, light and temperature. The blocks also include an IR blaster, allowing for automatic settings such as TV channels or garage door openings upon demand. The relay connects these sensor blocks to the Internet in order for you to control them via smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The cloud service and app package allows links to online services such as Dropbox or Twitter! Why would you need this aspect? Well, pretending you're pulling a “Walter White” here, you may want to log dates and times for when a person goes into a certain room...perhaps?

5d95b20879390cbbcc56d9aed5e29dda_largeFinally and very importantly, WigWag happily supports third-party adapters, just in case you would enjoy an alert now and then from your plant moisture sensor to let you know your flowers are thirsty. As mentioned, it is hard to stop counting the capabilities of this thing, and thankfully the system appears to be compatible with many popular devices, like certain light bulb brands or outlets. More than reaching its goal on Kickstater, the system starts at a mere $139 and as an Austin, Texas based company, production will begin here and deliveries kickoff as early as November, said Hemphill. Hello Christmas presents?

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