Apophis Meteorite USB 3.0 Drive – News Flash: It Came From Outer Space

Located in Gdańsk, Poland a company called Zana Design has come up with another variation on a theme of extreme bling USB flash drives that will soon part some well-heeled buyers from their money.

Named after a 2004 near-Earth asteroid called Apophis, the Zana flash drives have no potential for colliding with planet Earth in a cataclysmic manner, but their collision with buyers wallets could make an impact. On the other hand, the types of buyers that pay as much as $36,900 for a $parkly Mushroom USB flash drive are not likely to feel any impact at all from the Apophis drives priced from US-$1,130 to $1,990.

The Apophis drives' claim-to-fame is the combination of materials from which they are made. A portion of each drive is made of "authentic and certified meteorite" and incorporates a "high-purity" diamond, with casing of the Apophis "made of 200 years old African Black Wood considered to be the most luxurious wood in the world".

Handmade of course, by jewelers with "20 years of experience", the Apophis drives are "USB 3.0 with its 64GB capacity and the190MB/s reading speed" [sic].

One of two variations is made with "925 silver" and priced at US-$1,130. Buyers of the 18-carat gold version will have to pony-up $1,990; and yes, they do come with a "lifetime guarantee".

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